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What is Dildo?

A dildo also known as the artificial penis, is a penis-shaped sex toy used for sexual penetration of the vagina or anal, but maximally it is used for vaginal masturbation. It is a copy of the penis which comes in various designs, colors, and materials. There are various types of materials used for making dildos; they can be silicon, rubber, jelly, glass, and plastic. The detailing is done so nicely on them.

If you own a dildo, be proud of it because it’s nothing to be ashamed of our ancestors using it. You can say dildos are from way back when humans started discovering things. They have made dildos of everything like; stones, wood, bones name a thing they probably have dildo of it.

Dildo is a very famous toy among ladies, they goof about dildo every girl with her friends once in a while has said “bro dildo Lena Hai or Yaar dildo gift Kar do”. A dildo is something that should be compulsory to own by every woman around the world because if they have a dildo, they can satisfy their sexual gratification without worrying about society and the male ego. “Don’t take us wrong we love men, but we love our orgasm a little more” every girl thought. In short, ladies, if you are worried about what to buy starts, start with a dildo. There are so many options available:

Types of Dildos:

1. Vibrating Dildo

A dildo, produce vibrating sensations. A dildo vibrator offers you the best of both worlds; the satisfaction of a dildo inside you and the excitement and pleasurable sensation of a vibrator. A vibrating dildo works perfectly for you if you love intense play.

2. Strap on Dildo

A Strap-on dildo is perfect for lesbian couples. To try a new thing get a strap-on dildo in your relationship. Strap-on is a harness, you can add your favorite dildo to it. When you are using a strap-on dildo, we suggest you go slow because it can be complicated for both you and your partner. Take time to enjoy the whole process, it will be amazing.

3. Thrusting Dildo:

A thrusting dildo offers you sensations regardless of your sexual needs. Any Woman can use anal or vaginal stimulation and enjoy the climax. If you are someone who enjoys deep strokes or thrusting, you should defiantly try thrusting dildos. You can experience extraordinary highlights to bring the stimulation for both men and women.

4. Realistic Dildo:

The lord of all dildos. These bad bitches look so like a penis. So, if you are interested in a dick but don’t a guy then realistic dildos are your thing. The work done on these boys are so beautifully and nicely. They are beautiful, even though they are many shapes and colors come in dildo, but nothing can beat a realistic dildo.

5. G-spot Dildo:

G-spot sensation is all you need to hit the amazing orgasm. Imagine if you use something which I specifically designed to hit your G-spot, it going to feel mind-blowing you can imagine. They have the perfect curve shape which precisely hit your G-spot. You can find them in various shapes, which will arouse you like anything.

6. Anal Dildo:

Anal dildo or butt plugs call whatever you want but they will feel amazing. They are ideal for your double fantasy. Anal dildos run the whole wide range of the spectrum, so if you are confused about which size is the one for you keep trying until you find one. We suggest going for a small size one with a large flared base; it will prevent your dildo to go inside. They also come in various designs, some are plain, and some are designed in real shape. So, choose the according to your choice. Some anal dildos also come with a suction cup, so that you can also enjoy your alone time.

7. Glass Dildo:

Glass dildos are quite special; they are a strong grip with a small top diameter. Honestly, if you have a glass dildo you can talk about them your whole life. They look so cute and feel so good but also, but they are great for temperature play.  But yes, they do need little extra care than regular dildos.

8. Foreskin Dildo:

Nothing feels better than 8 inches longer realistic foreskin dildo. They have a natural foreskin top which normally you cannot find on regular dildos. When you insert the foreskin dildo inside your vagina it will feel like real penis glands effectively simulating your vulva and rightly hitting your G-spot and on top of that, the balls’ structure down will magnify your whole experience.  The crafting of skin and nerves are done so nicely on them that they double the whole pleasure and make it more real.

9. Inflatable Dildos:

If you want to experience a breath-taking experience during your masturbation then must give it a shot inflatable dildo. They can hit the sensitive zones of your vaginal area.  This product comes with a suction cup too and the twisted penis head and balls design are amazing. All this makes the whole product more fun and interesting

10. Double Edged Dildo:

If you are looking for double action with a single toy. Singles can use it for double penetration in the anus and vagina and for couples, it can be interesting, they can be creative with this beautiful device. It is sleek and portable you can carry them anywhere. The texture of the double dang dildo feels very real. The small bumps and layers make it feel more like a penis.

11. Huge Dildo:

Every girl’s biggest nightmare and biggest dream together. They are so huge around 10 inches and 2 inches thick. Something is appealing in giant dicks and the pleasure of women is the “biggest” way possible. The cock size, girth, and design will feel so good. The PVC rubber material is so soft and smooth to touch, and it feels like your mind and soul living in your body. Huge dildos are intense, but you give them a try.
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How You Can Select The Best Dildo:

The dildo comes in various shapes, designs, materials, etc. To choose “THE ONE” dildo for you requires only four steps. Make sure you go through them sincerely and that’s it you have your “THE ONE” in your pretty hands.

1. Size:

Selecting the correct size for you is very important while choosing the right dildo for you. if you are a newcomer and don’t sure about the size then you should take the finger test; insert the finger inside you and take the idea of the size and do your shopping according to that. Generally, for beginners or couples, start slow, start with a small size.

There are four types of size:

  1. Small- 5 inches
  2. Medium- 6.5 inches
  3. Large- 8 inches
  4. Huge- 10 inches 

2. Shape:

The shape is also a very important step; it depends on the purpose of purchase. If you want something that hits directly to your G-spot or P-spot, then go for curved and if you are looking for deep thrusting then choose straight dildos and if you are looking for anal penetration go small with a flared base.

3. Material:

All toys are made of different materials, and it is very important to choose the right material. Choose material by keeping a few things in mind; what kind of your body? Do you have an allergic reaction-specific material? The most common material used for dildos is TPE (thermoplastic Elastomer), silicon, glass, metal, rubber, plastic, and PVC material. Make sure you invest in the right material because it is very important for your skin. From our side go for TPE, PVC, silicon, or glass material and if you want to go cheap then rubber is your option.

4. Texture:

The right texture is very important; it is very important to select what kind of texture you want; realistic or non-realistic then select what purpose you are choosing it for and then do other steps. So, if you want to experience a real-like feeling then it’s a realistic dildo and for other reasons you can go for non-realistic, e.g., nonones are ideal for anal play.

Difference Between Vibrator and Dildo

There is not much of a difference between these two bad boys (trying to get out of the situation safely) it’s like choosing between Manali and Goa. They are a lot of differences but the similarity in the same place and same main goal, a holiday destination. Similarly, dildo and vibrators are two different things but with one goal which is to satisfy your sexual cravings. Dildos are for insertion, they go inside your vagina and where vibrators stimulate your clitoris, vibrators can also go inside but their main function is to vibrate the walls and the dildo’s main function is to hit G-spot and penetrate. So, you can debate the whole day dildos are better than vibrators or vice versa but in the end, they are two different things with equal ability and fame like our Ronaldo and Messi.

Benefits of using a Dildo:

There are many perks of using a dildo in your daily life. It is also true that sex toys have their benefits and drawbacks, which is normal. So here are some benefits of using a dildo in your daily life. Once you get to know about dildos pros, it will bring more confidence in you to it, and you can enjoy the stimulations yes sex toys can be beneficial for you:

  1. Cheer up your mood: If you are sexually satisfied it will reflect in your mood, you will be happier than usual.
  2. No gender-based: anyone can use a vibrator in their sexual life. A dildo can be used for both vaginal anal stimulation
  3. Spot Erotic places: A dildo helps you to find the right place for you. It increases the sensitivity of the vaginal area. A dildo stimulates your senses.
  4. Stress buster: A dildo work as a great alternative as a stress killer. With a healthy orgasm, there are many things attached. So, a dildo satisfies your body and soul.
  5. Safer than a guy: if you are using a dildo, say bye-bye to STIs, unwanted pregnancy, and other diseases.

Points To Follow While Using a Dildo (single or with your partner)

No matter how you are using it with or without a partner, always keep one thing n mind “safety”. Safety is very important, so keep these few things in mind the next time you are using a vibrator.

  1. For solo use or with your partner, the first step should always be cleaning
  2. Apply lots and lots of lube, for smooth and friction-free insertion.
  3. If you are feeling any kind of redden or skin burning remove the toy immediately, it could be an allergic reaction.
  4. Always talk with your partner, settled the things between you and your partner, and respect each other’s privacy.
  5. Always start slow, beginners choose small also, and then slowly increase the speed and size of your toy.
  6. Consent is very important in all kinds of sexual intercourse between not the partners.

How To Clean and Store Dildo:

This step is very important in the whole sex toy procedure. The only simple point keeps in your mind and avoids bacterial infections.

  1. Always clean the dildo before and after use, it is a very important step.
  2. Use an anti-bacterial soap or you can buy sex cleaner with lower pH.
  3. Store your toy in a dark box, away from direct sunlight and air contact.
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