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IF you have watched the 50 shades of a grey trilogy- you must be aware of the little toxic play and learned lots of sexual positions from the movie, it showed various moves and topics about exploring sexuality like sub-dom relationships and getting intimate with your partner. A lot of people liked the chemistry about young Billionaire Gray falling in love with Anastasia and it became a fantasy for many people. For most of the young enthusiasts, it opened the way how we see BDSM products and a beautiful collection of fun stuff toys that were stocked in Gray's secret room. 

Some people prefer having sex in public and fantasize about it even though it is not legal in the country but several sex scenes are displayed in public places like restaurants, parking lots, lifts, and cars are people’s all-time favourite. There were some erotic scenes like where Christian inserts steel kegel balls inside the vagina of Ana before visiting a party and how Ana felt about it later was a real turn-on. Most people did not even know that such kinds of balls exist, it was a really hot moment in the movie.

At Cupidbaba, you can buy Kegel balls & best Sax Toys for women by visiting our website or chatting with our representative. Kegels balls are also called Ben Wa Balls, jiggle balls, love balls, geisha balls, orgasm balls, pleasure balls, and venus balls. Kegel balls are primarily used for Vaginal Tightening, sexual health benefits, sexual pleasure and they are effective in promoting the strength of vaginal walls and help in maintaining the pelvic floor shape and make it stronger. This helps women better prepare for childbirth and reduce pain during the birth of the baby. Using Kegel balls also helps women to have better control over the bowels and bladder movements, prevents vaginal prolapse, incontinence, and uterine, and enhances the stimulation in sexual organs so both partners feel good while indulging in sexual relationships. 

There are several other health benefits of using Kegel balls such as good physical posture, better spinal stability, and have control of the pelvic floor muscles with acts like peeing while sneezing. This is done by increased strength of the muscles in the pelvic region.

Besides strengthening the pelvic floor, they are also great for enhancing the libido and promoting the sex drive and can be a huge turn-on. I order to use the Kegel balls, you need to insert them into the vagina and we recommend using lube for that. After using them, when you want to remove them, you can simply pull the string attached to the balls slightly. In case, there is no string attached to them, you can tightly squeeze your vagina and puss the balls out. 

There are few precautions we want you to take, Even though they look much like anal beads, it is not safe to use them for anal play since they don’t have any flared base to one end that helps the women to pull the toy out of the anus. Moreover, when you want to pee, ensure that you remove them before peeing and also make sure that you clean the Ben wa balls each time before and after use.

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