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Whenever we think of ‘Bombay’ or ‘Mumbai’, the first thing that comes to mind is “Maya Nagari”. Mumbai is a high-speed state. The people of Mumbai are working for half of their lives, it has become their lifestyle which indirectly has affected their sex life. In their busy running daily life, they started losing dazzle in their sexuality, which damaged their overall relationship.

To make your Bombay sex life more active Cupidbaba has brought a bunch of surprises through their outstanding collection of xxx toys in Mumbai. Sex Toys act as a basic ingredient in the process which almost everyone enjoys. Still, because we are busy, we get a very little amount of time to live our sex fantasies and live our sexual dreams less amount is difficult but not anymore. With the use of sex toys, you can leave it all. 

Why Are Sex Toys So Popular In Mumbai?

If you use a sex toy, you will become a fan immediately; I mean, who would not enjoy the amazing sensations and deep strokes? Using a sex toy is always your second best decision, the first will always be not calling your ex lol. Sex toys are getting popular all over India, but in Mumbai, sex toys have a huge fan following; here are some reasons:

1. There is no pressure on you, if you are using a sex toy with your partner, then you don’t need to worry whether your partner is orgasming or not because all your work is done with your favourite sex toy. Hence, peer pressure is on your list. 

2. Once there is no pressure on you or your partner, then you can enjoy your sexual intercourse more freely and when you are enjoying it, there are more chances of experiencing multiple orgasms.  

3. Sex toys exploring new things in your bedroom. If you are comfortable using sex toys, then you are always open to trying new things or exploring more stuff in your relationship. 

4. Using sex toys is cheaper than going to therapy, yet a much more effective way to add some fun to your fading relationship. 

5. If you own a sex toy, you are never lonely. Sex toys make your masturbation better and more fun. They are a great example of "you don’t need anyone for your satisfaction."

Reasons for the Rapid Growth of Adult Toys in Mumbai:

I can give thousands of reasons why Mumbai people love sex toys. Let’s do some common ones:

• Budget-friendly: Firstly, buying sex toys does not damage your pocket. They are budget-friendly & will last longer than your ex. 

• Womanizer: Sex toys are women stealers; they know what women will like and always hit the right spot to give you the best orgasm and never hurt you."

• Stronger Relationship: This may sound a little weird but using sex toys will strengthen your relationship. You and your partner will be more comfortable and openly discuss each other's preferences.

• Right Points: Sex equipment is designed in a way that they will hit the right spot and you will experience the best orgasm. Both mind and body stimulation are tough jobs, but with sex toys, it's as easy as blaming your ex for a breakup.

Enough of ex-jokes, but seriously Mumbai people fall in love with sex toys. It has become an essential part of their daily lifestyle. According to them, their sex life has been better since they started using sex toys in their regular life. They also mentioned that the spark of their relationship has come back after the addition of sex toys in their relationship and solo people, they feel that they are lonely, and sex toys have become their favorite partners in crime.

Everyone loves sex toys, whether it’s single women men, or couples, they enjoy using sex toys in their lives. Almost half of the population owns sex toys around 47% of the population. It has always been thought that women own most of the sex toys, but in reality, men or couples also use them in large quantities.

Report According To Gender-Based:

Men in India - Approx. 45% of men use sex toys for better stimulation and to have fun in their lives.

Women in India - Women’s communities use the most number of sex toys in their lives, and around 65-70% of women use toys to satisfy sexual relationships.

Couples in India - After the lockdown and various shows and web series, sex toys are a topic of discussion and are still around in Indian couples approx. 55-60% of couples use sex toys.

Item numbers keep changing daily amount of time.

Sex Toys For Men in Mumbai

Men in Mumbai are very classy and nice by heart. They love to be the nicest in the room, but deep down they are the most mischievous people. Sexual satisfaction is something that matters to them, and they never compromise their needs. There are many types of male sex toys available, but the most beloved male toys in Mumbai are fleshlights, sex dolls, penis sleeves, cock rings, and penis enlargement pumps. Male sex toys not only satisfy them but are also super user-friendly and pocket-friendly.

Sex Toys For Women in Mumbai

Women's Sex toys have changed the whole idea of sexual satisfaction for women. It is a fact that most sex toys are owned by women and the most loved sex toys for women are vibrators and dildos because they go deep and penetrate your soul. Unlike men, women’s sex toys have a great collection and more satisfaction chances. No women’s sex toys will disappoint you, they are all great, but Vibrators, Dildos, Lingerie, Kegel Balls, and Breast Enlargement pumps have to be at the top of Mumbai’s list.

Couples Toys In Mumbai  

It is prevalent for Mumbai couples to add adult toys or BDSM toys to their relationship for some extra pleasure or spice. The BDSM concept is the most loved concept for Mumbai sex. They love to get bid up or teased up with BDSM toys. Eye masks, blindfolds, BDSM harnesses, or BDSM restraints are every couple’s first choice.

Where Can You Find The Best Adult Toys In Mumbai?

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