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Sex Lubricant Gel Online in India

What is Sex Lubricant?

Sex lubricant, commonly known as lube, is a liquid or gel specifically designed to minimize friction and irritation during sexual activities. Lube proves invaluable in various sexual encounters, including vaginal penetration, anal intercourse, using sex toys either alone or with a partner, and even during solo masturbation.

While the body often produces its natural lubrication, it may not always suffice, and incorporating lube can significantly enhance the pleasure and comfort of sexual experiences.

Sex Lubricants are used by both men and women to enhance the pleasure and performance of masturbation and sex. Applying Lubricant on the genitals can reduce friction effectively caused by substantial movement of sex organs and eliminate pain to provide smooth penetration and increase sensual pleasure. Using lubes can promote the sensitivity of erogenous body partners during masturbation and sex for both males and females, and eliminate the possibility of a painful vagina, dry vulva, and or inability to penetrate the penis in the vagina during intercourse.

Lubricants are used as an intended substitute for natural moisture, and they are intended to decrease friction during penetrated intercourse.  According to research, the first time a lubricant was reported to be used was in 350 BC, in ancient Rome or ancient Greece, where they used olive oil as a lubricant. Since then, there have been a lot of things that are using a lubricant. Our products are parabens-free.

Therefore, at Cupidbaba.com we strongly recommend couples and singles to use Lubricants, especially if your girlfriend’s vagina does not get wet during intimacy. This will not only increase the performance but also allow easier penetration of the penis into the anus or vagina during the encounter, this way it will also enhance the relationship between two people.

Lubricant is also ideal for solo players and can be used while masturbating, indulging in sexual pleasure, or using male sex toys, dildos, female sex toys like vibrators, massagers, and lots more.

Couples can also include the lubes in the bedroom if they want to explore ecstatic pleasure and Lubricant also plays an important role in anal sex. The anal area is sensitive, filled with plenty of nerve endings, and feels great when touched, so it is best to use Lubricant while inserting sex toys or penis in the anus.

In India, you can buy lubricants at several places like online shops, chemist shops, bazaar, and dukaan but it is much cheaper to buy lubes online on the CupidBaba online store.

If you buy online, you can pick up your item without worrying about what other people may think about you.

Types of Lubricant

There are several different types of personal lubricants available that can be used depending on what type of play you crave. Depending on the sexual preferences, and the material they are made of, the intensity and pleasure you feel may vary. If you keep indulging yourself in the same old routine of masturbation, you will easily get bored, and then gradually pleasure you get from the solo masturbation will decrease. If you want to achieve sensations you have never felt before and desire for stimulating masturbation experience, you can use a Lubricant for good times. 

Men usually masturbate by using strokes on the penis and if they use the lube, it will reduce the friction between the penis and palm of their hand to close as zero as possible.

Water-Based Lubricants

Water-Based Lubricants can be used for any sexual activity no matter you like to enjoy backdoor fun or vaginal pleasure and these lubes will surely maximize your performance in bed. The same goes for women, girls can use the lubes to make their vaginas wet to reduce friction and stimulate the clitoris and vulva for easier penetration of adult products and penis.

Silicone-Based Lubricants

Silicone-based lubricants provide a long-lasting, silky-smooth glide. They are excellent for activities in water, as they don't wash away easily. Silicone lubes are compatible with condoms but should not be used with silicone sex toys, as they can degrade the toy's material over time. Their durability makes them ideal for extended sessions or reducing the need for reapplication.

Oil-Based Lubricants

Oil-based lubricants, like coconut oil or almond oil, offer a natural alternative. They can provide a lush, silky sensation and are suitable for various sexual activities. However, they are not compatible with latex condoms, as they can weaken the material, potentially leading to breakage. Oil-based lubes are safe for use with non-latex condoms, polyurethane condoms, and during solo or partner play.

Organic and Natural Lubricants

Organic and natural lubricants are crafted with minimal ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, and additives. They are suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or those seeking a more environmentally friendly option. These lubes are typically water-based or plant-based and offer a gentler, more natural sensation.

Flavored Lubricants

Flavored Lubricants - This lube comes with a scent. Cupidbaba offers lubes that are available in various flavours. The moment you open the bottle, a sweet scent will spread around your surroundings. You and your partner will feel more romantic and you both can focus completely on enjoying sex without any distractions.

Reduced Pain During Sex

The major purpose of using lube during sex is to reduce pain caused by friction during penetration. Several factors can affect the wetness of the vagina and lube can promote wetness so you can engage in sex effortlessly without any pain. People of all ages can use the lubes and indulge in painless sex since warm sensations increase the sensitivity of the erogenous organs and allow both men and women to reach orgasms quickly.

Use Of Lubricant

There are times you feel super wet and then all of a sudden you’re dry as a bow. That’s because a man’s penis works like a sponge, it soaks up all your natural lubrication and leaves you all dry. Other reasons can be menopause, hysterectomies, stress levels, and alcohol, yes alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates you and you’re going to be dry down there as well. So lubricants are very important, they make sex more comfortable.

Reduces friction and discomfort during sexual activities.
Enhances comfort during vaginal and anal intercourse.
Facilitates smooth and pleasurable penetration with sex toys.
Promotes easier and more enjoyable solo masturbation.
Increases sensitivity and responsiveness of erogenous zones.
Assists individuals with vaginal dryness or discomfort.
Reduces the risk of condom breakage during intercourse.
Enhances the overall intimacy and connection between partners.
Can be used for sensual massages and foreplay.

Allows for the exploration of various sexual activities with ease and comfort.

Our lubricants are water-based & safe to use, but in case, you are feeling any kind of irritation or rashes, remove them immediately. A small amount of lube can add so much pleasure to your sex life. As they say, wetter is better.

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