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Privacy Policy

Our online store cupidbaba.com really admires and praises your decision for the trust that you invested in us when you purchase a product from our website and register with us for services, we genuinely take the security of your own personal data and other information into serious consideration and consistently maintain your data related to transactions you make online with us, order history, and other information that is extremely private to you. cupidbaba.com or any of our partners will never ever abuse your Personal Details or any kind of information that identifies you or contains any banking information. Personal data may contain information related to data that identifies with an individual, when straightforwardly or by implication joined with other data can help identify a specific individual. This could be the name of the individual, shipping address, email address, telephone number or cell phone number, age, sex, and much more.

All the data we collect from our customers is well protected and secured for the purpose of discretion, we, at times, may need to gather your credit card or online banking details such as bank account number and card number. cupidbaba.com online store utilizes this data and information to protect your information and process the transaction related to the purchase of the products that you intend to make with us online. We ship the purchased products direct to your doorways at home and follow all the protocols to keep the shipping process as discreet as possible so no one else can get to know about the order details like what's is in the box and who ordered the package etc. We send the package in a white or brown box that is not transparent and we don't mention the name of the customer, the name of the product, or the name of the company on the box.

Information we collect from our customers and how do we Use

The data and information present on our online portal and collected from various resources and our website users is exclusively controlled by cupidbaba.com and its partner websites and blogs. This data we gather from our customers will be kept secret at all cost and won't be shared with anyone, sold, or rented out to anybody under any conditions other than specific conditions and circumstances revealed in this explanation.

We never offer client's data to any outside organizations or third-party companies for financial gains or any other reason.

We won't ever give share your email address, billing address, or any other specific data except if it is used for making the customer experience better and strategies or R&D methods just with the mean to exercise and handle your queries and orders and to serve you in a superior manner.

We will consistently monitor our protection protocols rigorously followed and offer the best security of your data and information: your information is totally safe with us and not even our representatives or business partners can get access to any of it.

Registering the customer

Clients who want to enroll with our services are supposed to give us one of a kind username, secret password, and a discretionary email address. After you join our website we will like to reach out to you with respect to the toys, products, and services we give to our clients.

Entering the details in the order form

The order forms available on our website will permit us to ask our clients to give us a portion of their banking and personal information like name, address, and card number, and email address. This data is significant for processing the charge to make the order successful and handle the order shipped to the customer's premises. Trust us, this data won't be spilled out to anybody under any conditions or won't be utilized for reasons other than making the successful delivery of the ordered items.

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