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Buying sex toys in Delhi is way easier than in other cities, I mean you won’t believe it if I say Delhi city is said to be hornier than all other metro cities, but it is what it is, sorry deities we love you but that is a fact. Whenever there is a weird thing, which hard to accept by society, Delhi will be standing first in the row. One more shocking thing is that men of Delhi are making more purchases of sex toys.

The whole sex toy market hit the sky after the lockdown happened. Yes, many companies go down online sex toy market is defiantly not the one. In 2020 the sale of sex toys or other adult products has increased up to 63% and now recently it is around 69-70%. This survey is done by leading sex toy company Cupidbaba. The study shows that approx 10 lakh of people in Delhi visited sex toys stores and 5 lakhs people purchased the products, like half of the people bought the products. During the survey, they found that around 75% of men tend to spend more time on online stores and 60% of products are sold to men buyers.

Delhi’s whole online sex toy selling market is around 2.5 million. Delhi has shown steady changes in the sex toy market, here are some:

10 lakh40 lakh80 lakh
BDSM kit/ fleshlight
Delhi never settled for lesser things. They want high technology premium sex toys. There are some offline stores in Delhi too; for eg: in Palki road or CP market but they prefer the online market over offline. Not because they are ashamed or something, the only reason they shop from online stores is quality. Online stores offer better quality products.

Most Selling Sex Toys in Delhi:

Delhi people are very clear about they want their sexual preferences and their fantasies. Out of many things two are they are 100% sure, about what they want, food and sex. Here are some of the favorite sex toys of Delhites.

Sex Toys For Women in Delhi

Ladies of Delhi are not behind when it comes to their sexual satisfaction. They never think twice when it comes to gratifying their sexual desires. They are quite into sex toys and there is a wide range of sex toys are also available for them but out of all they have their 5 top favorite toys, which are given below:

Realistic Vibrators

Every woman wants to have sex toys but also wants to keep it real, here is why realistic vibrators are so hit among ladies. They have so realistic look, every single detailing is done so nicely, and the material is APS which makes it smoother, along with the power sensation of the vibrator. It looks so much like a real penis so now you can finally enjoy a dick that will never disappoint you in case of pleasure.

Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are featured with bunny ears on top, which are used to stimulate your clitoris where the main pain will go inside your vagina and infiltrate your G-spot. Rabbit vibrator hits two main points that very women enjoy the most. Double stimulations are double fun, and some it is even equipped with dual motors. Materials used for rabbit vibrators are mostly; silicon, TPE, rubber, or plastic.

Glass Dildo

Where silicon is the most popular material used for making dildos or any other sex toy, glass dildos are very innovative. There are so many options in glass dildos you can select; plain, ripped, crafted, and designed choose what you like the most. Glass dildos are smooth and have a stronger grip which goes easily inside your hole. Because of its weight, many ladies enjoy it for anal sex.

Bullet Vibrator

These vibrators are real fun you can get them in small sizes. In real you ladies may not enjoy the small size but in the artificial world, the smaller the more powerful sensations you can feel. Due to its discreet outlook, it is very hard to tag it as a vibrator. These small babies are said to be one of the most powerful sex toys which also come in various shapes.

Electrosex Toy

Electrosex is way different them normal vibrating sex toys. Electrosex toys stimulate your nerve endings with electrical pulses. Electrosex toys are designed for deeper and more satisfying sexual sensations. It sounds scary but, you can have the most satisfying sexual pleasure with electro sex toys. You can enjoy it more with a condom and also safe to use with your partner. In this way, all you have is to remove the condom and transfer it to another partner.

Sex Toys For Men in Delhi

Men’s pleasure is equally important, there can be fewer toys for men as compared to women, but the range we have for men is very special. For the men of the city, we have some sensational range of adults which blows their mind in every use.

Male Stroker

Also known as fleshlight or pocket pussy is the largest or best-selling male sex toy in the world. They are specially designed to give a man real pleasure while masturbating. Fleshlight also has some different sheaths; mouth, ass, and vagina whatever you like the most. From the outer structure, it looks like an electric lamp, and from the inner made of skin-safe silicon has a different texture for tactile sensation which gives you a real-like feeling. Male strokers are top on when it comes to male sex toys.

Artificial Vagina

The artificial vagina is a copy of the female sex organ made of silicon material. It is designed to stimulate your sexual desires while masturbating. Artificial vaginas have a realistic design with an inside length of 5-8 inches so that an average guy with a normal penis can also enjoy the deep strokes. An artificial vagina adds the spice to your masturbating session. The additional nubs make it more presentable and realistic.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are not only toys but also a great way to get over your immature erection. Cock rings make your erection bigger and stronger for a longer period and don’t forget about the pleasure for yourself and your partner also. cock rings are worn over your penis, it traps the blood flow which helps in your erection. So, time to get over your fear and enjoy your sex or even masturbation. Cock rings give you a strong orgasm.

Penis Enlarger Device

To all the men who have anxiety regarding their penis, please note that your partner’s satisfaction doesn’t decide if you have an average size penis, it’s all about love and feeling, but still, if want a longer penis, penis enlargement device is for you. You don’t have to take pills or any costly treatment only a pump is enough for you. There are different types of devices, manual pump, automatic pump, and penis enlargement cream. All these methods are safe and do not love any kind of toxic chemical so feel free to use them.

Sex Toys For Couple in Delhi

Couples’ toys are most trending in Delhi, the addition of new things and doing experiments with others, to add up some spice to their relationship is great for both of you.

Strap On

Yes, a strap works great for straight guys who suffer from erection problems but the most demand for strap-ons is among the LGBTQ community (lesbian couples). We know they don’t need a dick to express their sexual feelings but experimenting never goes wrong and on the other hand, some couples enjoy strap-on devices. It is a kind of bondage device, wrapping around your waist. Strap-on sleeves help you increase the size and girth of your penis and strap dildos are great for anal and vaginal penetration, to experience extra satisfaction.

Anal Dildos

Also, a great toy for the LGBTQ community (gay couples). They are part of our society and they also deserve to satisfy their sexual cravings. Anal sex is no longer an issue, if you ask someone if they have tried anal sex, you will receive a positive response. Delhi people enjoy a huge collection of anal dildos, to make their experience smooth and comfortable. Anal dildos are quite different from vaginal dildos. Glass dildos with flared bases are ideal for anal sex. make sure you apply a nice amount of lube before use. 

Bondage Sex

If you are talking about couples’ toys and you haven’t talked about BDSM toys it feels incomplete. BDSM is very hit in India, especially among Indian guys, everyone wants to experience Christian Grey’s life. Hollywood has a great effect on Indian BDSM life. BDSM is all about bondage submission and to make your BDSM interaction more memorable the perfect tool will be a BDSM kit. It has everything; handcuffs, blindfolds, nipple clamps, harness, restraints, ball gags everything you want to make your BDSM more exciting, and the best part is you all this in one place.

Why Buy Sex Toys From Cupidbaba?

If you are doing an online purchase, everything may change but one thing that will be safe is “Is this site safe?” with a full guarantee, we assure you that Cupidbaba is one of the most trustable and honest sites you can find. Everything you find on their website is as real as shown in the picture; no double price no hidden photos, 100% safe place for online purchase. 

To make you believe they also have COD and an easy cancellation refund policy. Cupidbaba has come up with its best quality adult toys at very reasonable prices. Still, if you have any doubts or queries regarding your order and product, they provide 24/7 customer care services for you so that you don’t face any problems when making a purchase. If you are not comfortable talking chat option is also available. You can trust Cupidbaba with your documents and personal importance, each helper respects your privacy and cannot share your information with anyone. They have a very strict discreet policy. 

They provide you with easy shipment with the fastest services. These discreet policies are best. Do visit their official site www.cupidbaba.com and find your favorite toys just like the Delhi people found there.

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