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Men's Penis Enlargement Products

There is certainly not even a single guy on this planet who hasn't thought about having a penis enlargement. Which guy hasn't wanted to have a long shaft of the Penis to feel better prepared during sexual activity? This feeling of having a more significant private part has put them under stress in so many ways or sex toys for men that they are ready to invest an enormous amount of cash to get a few inches more or two. While some pills and surgeries can do the job effectively, most advertised penis enhancement treatments don't offer the ideal outcomes.

Penis Enlargement Methods:

Several sex toys are used to increase the size of the Penis.

A cock ring, for example, increases the amount of blood that stays in the Penis by compressing the Penis and restricting blood flow, which can temporarily increase the amount of blood that remains in the Penis.

Also, penis sleeves, shaped like a thick condom that covers the entire Penis, can augment its thickness in addition to increasing the size of the Penis by 2-3 cm, albeit only while wearing it.

Of course, just like supplements and surgery, there are also sex toys designed to increase the size of the Penis itself. There are two main types: the pump type and the traction type.

In the enlargement pump type, a plastic cylinder is placed over the Penis, and the enclosed pump is used to release the air inside, apply pressure to the Penis, and pull it. In contrast, the traction type is a device that draws and holds the Penis in place, gradually stretching it out.

With a wide range of options, from cock rings, creams, inserts, penis extenders, and penis pumps, you can play with your Penis a little longer and get your groove going for a bit longer. At least till you can recite all your hallelujahs while riding on those mind-numbing orgasms. Penis pumps help you get and maintain an erection by creating a vacuum around the Penis that encourages blood flow in the region.


What Is A Penis Pump Anyway?

A penis pump is a device inserted over the Penis, using suction to draw blood into the vessels to produce an erection. 

• A penis pump consists of the following: 

• A plastic tube that you place over your Penis 

• A hand or battery-powered pump that is attached to the tube 

• A band, also known as a constriction ring, fits around the base of your erect Penis. Most but not all penis pump systems include a penis ring. 

Penis pumps work for most men with ED. They might be a good choice if ED dysfunction medication is not suitable, causes side effects, does not work, or if you don't want to use ED medication. They are available over the counter or to buy from sex shops. 

What A Penis Pump Does:

A penis pump treats erectile dysfunction. It cannot permanently cure ED, but it can help to improve the quality of your erections. 

A penis enlargement pump, also known as a penis vacuum pump, creates a vacuum around your Penis that draws blood into the Penis to help achieve and maintain an erection. The increase in blood flow can help give harder erections for sex.

Penis pumps are often marketed as penis enlargement devices. It is important to note that whilst they can help to achieve a fuller erection (which can make it seem as though your Penis is more enormous), they cannot naturally make your Penis bigger. This is because they do not alter the anatomy of the Penis and work by simply encouraging blood flow to the area.

How Does It Work?

Penile pumps create a vacuum around the Penis, increasing the pressure within the chamber that goes over the Penis. This facilitates the flow of blood into the Penis, causing an erection. Once your Penis is engorged with blood, an elastic ring will be placed over the base of your Penis to help the blood stay there. 

How To Use A Penis Pump?


A penis pump is a device designed to create a vacuum over the Penis, which increases the blood flow, and as the blood flow grows, erectile tissues expand, giving you a stronger erection. Most of the pumps are made in the same way. An airtight cylinder goes over the Penis, and a pipe leads to the pump to increase the suction and release the cap to decrease the pressure.  One of the essential questions that popped up in our head is how does a penis pump work? For that, you have to follow these few steps.

1. Lube the cylinder around the edge, ensuring the seal stays nice and firm. 

2. After that, gently put the cylinder over your Penis when your Penis is semi-erect. 

3. Start pumping very slowly; gently squeeze and release the pump once you get the seal. The suction will happen you remove the pump, so release the pump as gently as you can.  

4. Continue pumping until your Penis is fully erect; stop and slowly release the valve, which goes back to its standard size once you are done. It is lovely to use the pump often, with gap sessions. Make sure you remove your pump after 20-25 minutes. 

How To Get The Best Results From A Penis Pump:

• Shave Your Pubic Hair

Hair on the base of your Penis can make it difficult for the pump to create a tight seal. Air or water leakage from the pump's bottom will make it challenging to create suction. There is also a risk of catching pubic hair on the pump, which can be painful. 

• Follow The Instructions

Even if it looks straightforward, read the directions provided by the manufacturer. This will help to avoid injury and maximize effectiveness, ensuring you get the best results.

• Use Lube

Lubricants around the base of your Penis will help to provide a tight seal, allowing air to be drawn into the pump and produce suction. Having smooth skin by shaving pubes will help create a tight seal. Lube will also help you to slide the constriction ring on and off.

• Leave The Constriction Ring On For Less Than Half An Hour

Cutting the supply of blood to your Penis for an extended period can cause damage to the Penis. 

What Are The Options?

There are two main types of penis enlargement pumps you need:

1. Electric Penis Pump: 

An electric penis pump is battery-operated to avoid the need for manual pumping. Electric pumps are battery-operated and work at the touch of a button. They use a motor and negate the need to "squeeze to pump" the vacuum device. Anyone can use them, which may be especially helpful if you have dexterity issues and arthritis.

2. A Manual Penis Pump (Air Pump Without Water): 

Manual pumps allow you to control the pressure in the cylinder yourself. Squeeze the bulb to pump. They use air in the chamber to create a vacuum seal that helps draw blood into your Penis. Manual penis pumps are often cheaper than electric penis pumps, and they are quieter too. However, they require more effort. You can also buy dual-use penis pumps that can be operated by battery or hand pumped.


No matter how much we learn about penis pumps, there is always a question continuously poking in your 'Is this safe' 'What if the penis got smaller' or 'What if this, what if that and so on. So, we would love to clear that thought, and No Penis Pump will never harm you. In fact, Medically referred to as "vacuum erection devices", — are generally considered safe, but they may not be suitable for some people with certain medical conditions. We recommend you consult with a counselor or immediately consult with a doctor if you feel any trouble during the use.

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