An Introduction To Anal Sex Toys Online In India

If you are feeling like having some sexual adventures and want to get rid of your shyness, you cannot explore the whole new world of intimacy and sexual pleasure by buying some anal sex toys online from Cupidbaba.com.


If you desire the 'anal sex' and are curious about 'butt stuff' but feel a little shy about talking about it openly or getting to know things about it - you’re not alone! There are lots of people who feel the same when it comes to 'anal toys' or 'anal sex'. Having anal sex is presumably the most well-known and easiest approach to stimulate rear-end. In addition to the fact that it is once can achieve orgasms speedily and simply, you can also utilize anal play as foreplay or warm-up activity before continuing to use some sex toys at night. Initially, only one finger is enough to give you a great deal of sensual delight, and in case you're feeling like you want to have wild sex, you can use as many fingers as you want to masturbate your anus.

It sometimes might feel embarrassing or ashamed to discuss the desire of having things in your booty but it is a completely normal desire to feel incredible pleasure in the way we want. Anal sex is great—everyone has a butt, and so everyone has those sensitive nerve endings, which makes it an element of enjoyment for everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation. While there is no doubt that you can use the hands and fingers to achieve backdoor stimulation and engage in anal sex with your partner only through the use of just hands and mouths, you don't have anything to add to the pleasure when it comes to having some anal sex. 


To spice up your anal game with your partner or no matter you want to go solo, you should visit the leading sex toy store and explore one of the numerous anal sex toys available that will surely fit all your desires. And, there are lots of ways to delight those nerve endings, from mouths to fingers to penises, penetrative, gentle, and rough. So to help you enjoy this pleasure - there are numerous toys available out of which you can choose one which suits you as per your desire ensuring a safe play.


It’s often argued that anal sex is dangerous - although, the fact is true– anal sex is dangerous. But so is regular sex. Hence, just like regular sex - there are ways to handle and engage in anal sex safely and with pleasure.


Some of the Anal Toys available out there:


Lubricants and barriers

Although these things are not specifically toys this is the most important product category for any anal play. To start with lube - Yes, you need it!

Since butts are not self-lubricating and using lube is an important thing for preventing pain and damage to the very delicate tissues inside. You should never skip the lube part when it comes to anal sex!

Butt Plug

This toy is the one that strikes at first on your mind when you are to start with anal play, reason -- these toys come in infinite sizes, shapes, girths, and weights. If you’re a beginner in anal play, a small or slender plug is a great starter toy that helps you to experience a feeling of penetration and also can stay inside you so you're able to enjoy the feeling of having something up there for a longer duration.

The two most important things to look for in a butt plug are, first, that it has a flared or wide base (or else it might get stuck inside you and you might have to see a Sex expert to help you remove - which you don't want) and second, that it’s a body-safe material like silicone or steel. Don’t pinch pennies and buy a cheaper plug made from some low-grade jelly material (the kind that always smells like chemicals), because they’re not body-safe, they can’t be cleaned thoroughly, and they can also cause a burning sensation.

Anal Beads

Another very commonly used anal sex toy, anal beads can be seriously sexy and give you a unique type of stimulation. They’re exactly what they sound like—a string of small beads or bulbs (either same or variable in size) with a ring or grip at one end. The beads are pulled in-out through the string and the pulling speed can make it intense.

Anal Dildos

No doubt there are multiple ways of using sex toys and indulging in some anal pleasure using adult toys available online, you can still learn about using them by calling our experts and we will help you choose the best toy for your needs. The anal dildos are specially designed to stimulate the anus and look the same way as a realistic dildo for vaginal masturbation.

A lot of people still think sex toys are just for people with a vagina, but here we can surely be untrue that. There are so many toys, made for those people who own a penis. Anal is not like the vagina, it doesn’t expand as much and come back in position. Anal is a tight splinter that we have to be aware of. When we gonna have sex it might hurt than unusual. And one of the important things is anus is not self-lubricating, so always use good lubrication while having anal sex. 


Anal toys are different than vaginal toys because anal toys have a bigger base. They have a broad base because anything thin and long should not go into the anal canal or get stuck, so make sure you buy toys that are specifically made for anal sex and we have all the different kinds of sex toys are available.


Anal sex can be very intimidating, and we have always learned that anal sex can be dangerous. So there is always a kind of fear we all have. But the fact is anal sex is not as risky as we think, so there is no need of being afraid, and starting with an anal toy is a good idea because there are the penalty of size and shapes out there that can help you to work with an actual penis. Keep a note of one thing; always use a good lubricant while having anal masturbation or anal sex.

Reasons to own an Anal Toy:

There are endless advantages of anal toys. Anal toys are the ultimate source of pleasure for men. Anal toys give men chances to explore their happiness of penetration. The prostate is the most sensitive part of men’s bodies, and with anal toys, they can experience prostate stimulation or P-spot stimulations. Anal toys are not particular community-based; every guy can enjoy the pleasure anal toys. Not only guys but women can also enjoy the experience of anal orgasm. As we already know anus has a nerve ending so all genders can experience anus orgasm. Even women can even enjoy the double penetrations together; vaginal stimulation by your partner and anus by an anal toy or vice versa. Anal toys make you more comfortable with your body and make’s your anus ready for anal sex. We know forceful penetration hurts, which can be a major turn off but anal toys help your anus to comfortable and let you enjoy the anal sex. You can play games with anal toys, leave them in your partner in public places. There are so many experiments you can do with your partner. So buy yourself and for a partner all types of anal toys and just relax and enjoy the anal orgasm. 

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