Expand Inflatable Anal Plug

Expand Inflatable Anal Plug

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The new feeling that makes you happy and free, on the users sensitive parts of the massage, good for stimulate the local nerves and promote blood circulation.


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  • [BODY SAFE MATERIAL] Use medical grade, non-toxic, odorless, safe to skin, long-lived.
  • [UNIQUE DESIGN] This impressive plug expands inside the anus, providing a full feeling with an incredible stretch. Safely explore and train for larger sizes with more length and girth. You can quickly deflate by turn valve counterclockwise.
  • [SMOOTH and TAPERED] The narrow head is allow for a comfortable, easy glide and no discomfort due to the natural contours and soft silky material, ergonomically angled to hit your elusive pleasure zone with ease allow.
  • [100% WATERPROOF & WASHABLE] Special waterproof design let you can enjoy the freedom of using it in the bath, shower, whirlpool or anywhere you want, giving you more sexual pleasure, you will reach orgasm more easily.

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Rinku on Jun 02, 2022

This thing is a beast and definitely not for beginners. Once in and you start inflating, the stretch is mind-blowing. Highly recommend starting off with a smaller one.

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