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Chennai, known as Madras in ancient times, is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. One of the most vital cities of South India, it is home to people from various other regions across India. This city is renowned for its richness in music and beautiful South Indian culture - hence also known as the "Cultural Capital of South India". It is also known for its impeccable hospitality and humble people. If you wish to feel at home, nothing can compete with the experience of having one in Chennai.

Chennai is a brilliant example of a city where the cultural heritage mingles well with an impressive modern lifestyle. This effect of an effective and modern lifestyle bends people residing in the city towards sex toys. The huge demand in this Metro city for sex toys in India for males, females, and couples makes it a rising market in India. Chennai has become a source that has almost every type of sex toy available which includes dildos, vibrators, penis rings, fleshlight vaginas, anal toys, sleeves, harnesses, and others. The people of this city are regarded as dedicated citizens who are much aware of the benefits and requirements of sex toys and even, their efficiency.

Residents of Chennai are believed to be non-hesitant to consulting doctors or other sex experts regarding any sexual issue or other parameters of sexual health. That gives an insight into how much the people of Chennai consider being 'Sexually Fit' as important. All these few points help us consider that Chennai is the best choice when we have to look for 'Sex Toys Market' in India. The sex toy market in Chennai understands their people's needs and what exactly a person is looking for to fulfil their sexual pleasure.

This Cultural Capital is known for its calm, friendly, and serene environment where people are humble, and simple and don't believe in showing off.

The popularity of Sex toys in Chennai

Well, modernization has undoubtedly been a primary reason that has increased the demand and hence, the sale of sex toys in Chennai. A recent survey showed that Chennai ties are extrovert about their sexual requirements and are non-hesitant to share their views about sexual matters. Chennai city comfortably finds a position in the list of 'highest sale of sex toys in India' - sitting at 4th position.

As we have been discussing, the people of Chennai don't find any real problem in discussing sexual things and other related issues, be it - men, women, or any other gender, or even people with different sexual preferences. Although, when compared to women, men are believed to be more open to any sexual matter.

Male sex toys are immensely demanded in Chennai - often used by aged men or women. No doubts about the reason, though. In fact, out of all the sex toys available at Cupidbaba online store in Chennai - Vibrators tops the list in terms of demand. Chennai is also a hot market for qualitative thin condoms. That shows - the people of Chennai understand the need and importance of birth control, keeping in mind the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases - without having it affect the intimate pleasure and sensual feelings of sex.

Sex Toys for Men In Chennai

Passed have been days when men often had a belief that sex toys were something meant only for women. Hence, now men in India are equally engaged in using sex toys to obtain sexual pleasure to its highest level. They have also realized the various health benefits associated with sex toys and their requirements. Here is a list of a few which are higher in demand amongst men of Chennai:

Penis Rings:

This is a great option for having a greater degree of experience as it helps in maintaining the erection – irrespective of stress and also helps to tackle premature ejaculation.

Cock Pumps:

Penis enlargement pumps are an exciting option much popular among men in Chennai. Since men are often obsessed with the larger size of penis worldwide – this toy helps to fulfil that obsession and have a lovely time in sex.

Fleshlight Vagina:

Without needing to contact real females, this would be an awesome choice that will give you sensational pleasure.
Herbal spray: The long-lasting spray will help to tackle a lack of erection or unable to maintain an erection. The best thing about this is it doesn’t have any side effects which makes it much more lovable among men of Chennai. It will also help to fight premature ejaculation.

Sex Toys for Women in Chennai

Sex Toys for Women are also quite popular in Chennai. As the origin is said to be – because of demand by Women, Sex Toys are much in demand in Chennai too and they have a variety of options to choose from. Some of the toys you can buy from Cupidbaba.com are:


Although colour doesn’t matter, Chennai women often prefer ‘Pink Dildos’ as it instils a kind of confidence among them and helps them feel real pleasure. The Pink colour also deals with the mental feelings associated with it.


One of the most demanded, satisfying, and sensational toys among women to date. One of its types – ‘G Spot Vibrator’ is much in demand.


A few options for Couple sex are also available in Chennai such as Cock harnesses, Mutual masturbators, and others.

Hence numerous options in Chennai for the humble and lovely people are available and are hugely in demand. So one can easily search for "sex toys in Chennai" from any corner they wish. In this way, you don’t need to stress over your sexual coexistence and take it to a higher level of pleasure with the vast range of toys in "South Indian Capital.”

Where Can You Find The Best Sex Toys In Chennai?

One of the best places to find sex toys in Chennai is the online CupidBaba store. At CupidBaba, you will get a wide variety of sex toys, including both traditional and more unique options. Plus, the staff at CupidBaba are usually very knowledgeable about the products they sell, so they can help you find the perfect sex toy for your needs. Plus, you can shop from the comfort of your own home, and you don’t have to worry about anyone else seeing what you’re buying.

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