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Assam! The valley of natural resources and a sprawling state, Assam is famous for its tea gardens, hill points, temples, and lots of greenery and diverse wildlife. Assam is a tourist place; the famous tourist spot in Assam has to be Kaziranga National Park, one head rhino conversation. Assam is a multi-religious and multi-ethnic growing state. Getting developed thoughts helps the locals to understand the importance of sex toys and bring more sex awareness. Assamese are happily accepting their sexual needs and sexual choices. They want sexual satisfaction and it doesn’t matter to them how they achieve it, whether with a partner or with a sex toy.  

Cupidbaba in Assam: 

When it comes to having fun on your sexual side then nothing feels better than a sex toy, not only for women but for men also. If you are new to this entire sex toy thing, then let me tell you something about us; we are Cupidbaba, India’s leading online sex toy store. We offer you skin-friendly and user-friendly products for our customers. Also, if you are looking for sex toys on a budget visit us. Cupidbaba is well well-reputed online adult store in India. We guarantee you that we will make your first experience memorable and if you are a pro in adult products, do try our products once we love to hear your reviews. We are very happy to be here in this beautiful place, Assam is surreal, and Assamese you guys are so freaking amazing. 

What sex toys are popular in Assam? 

When we get to Assam, we get to know the fact that the boys of Assam are more into sex toys. They buy huge amounts of sex toys for themselves, for their partners (to gift), or a BDSM kit to experiment. The most sold sex toy is a masturbator in Assam. It seems like Assam people are very happy and satisfied with sex toys and aren’t this what we all want? 


Masturbators in Assam

As I already mentioned above masturbators are the most sold sex toy in Assam. Boys love masturbation and the addition of something which feels like a real vagina and that’s the main reason why guys are mad about masturbators and pocket pussy. The additional features like vibration double the whole pleasure of solo time. So the rest boys, who don’t have a masturbator, go buy one. 

Dildo in Assam

Just like boys enjoy solo time similarly girls are also very much into masturbating. And a dildo is the first option for every woman after their partners. Maximum women’s sexual satisfaction is hard and that is why they happily choose dildos. Dildos are penis look like and are also available in the right size. The detailing done in the dildo is outstanding, Cupidbaba must make sure that if you are masturbating and using a toy then have the real feeling in your me-time. We also have a wide Collection of Erotic sensual sexy lingerie that you won't be able to resist.

Male prostate toy

Most Assamese boys are really into anal stimulation and prostate orgasm. That is why they prefer different types of anal toys or prostate massagers. They enjoy stimulating their P-spot. 

If you haven’t shopped from us, dude seriously what are you waiting for; visit our official site get yourself a toy, and enjoy the best sensations you have ever experienced. Cupidbaba delivers all over Assam, so don’t worry we will reach you within time with a full discreet shipment. Cupidbaba not only sells the best quality products but also, takes care of everything so that their client will never suffer during shipment and delivery. Guys, Cupidbaba is the best place to shop for adult products and accessories they have plenty of options. Once you visit there, you will find something for yourself or your partner. 

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