You might have dabbled in different sex toys before, say, a cock ring, a dildo, a vibrator, or any sex toy at Cupidbaba.com, maybe you even have BDSM toys like anal toys too. If yes, then it’s time for you to add Anal Beads to your bedroom pleasure.

Have You Tried it? What - No? You seriously are missing the pleasure.

But what exactly are Anal Beads -- Anal beads are sex toys that can be used on Bed — either with a partner or solo — to enhance your orgasm. Anal beads just look like a stick with numerous bulbs attached to it having a grip on one end. They are injected into the anus, the end making it easier to remove. This insertion and removal of anal beads produce sensations at the anal tip which takes the sexual pleasure to another level. They look like rosary beads, which are used to insert in the butt and stimulate sensitive nerves at the anal tip. Not to go on their intimidating structure, the anal bead is a great tool to get prostate or anal stimulation, also, you can use these beads for a very sexual interactive course with a partner.

Anal beads are used to insert into the anus slowly to stimulate your internal erotic zones, sexual experts explain. For people who want to try different things, the internal stimulation via anal beads can feel extra amazing. 'They offer a gradual filling feeling that many people find sensational, the little gap between 2 beads creates a ‘popping’ sensation as they’re inserted and removed repeatedly'.

Anal beads range in size from small to large depending upon your experience, pleasure requirement, and comfort with anal penetration. You can also use anal beads that have bulbs that are uniform in size or the ones that increase in size on the cord. These beads are inserted slowly into the rectum and pulled out either slowly or at varying speeds to achieve orgasm or even after orgasm. Using anal beads can definitely enhance sexual pleasure on the bed with either your partner or alone as anal beads don't mandatorily need a partner. In fact, if this is something new to you - Solo would be the best to try this so you get to know the power of this tool before you give it onto your partner's hands to insert into you.

Why it has a huge fan following?

Anal beads are definitely an exciting sex toy to introduce into foreplay and intercourse. Anal beads enhance the erogenous zone in your anus, providing unimaginable pleasure and happiness. Renowned sex experts pinned that anal beads stimulate specifically targeting the anal sphincter muscles when moved in and out repeatedly. Using anal beads with a partner can also be an intimate, lovely, and satisfying experience to share as it improves communication with the partner and you can openly talk about both the emotional and physical aspects of the sexual encounter.

If you’re using them with a partner, you can both have them in, switch off, or focus on increasing one person’s pleasure as ultimately, the goal of using anal beads is to maximize pleasure - be it you or your partner who is doing this for you.

Anal Beads can be used in different sexual situations - factors may vary, if you're alone or with a partner. You can take these anal beads inside your anus while masturbating, receiving oral, or having penetrative sex. You can also use them to train yourself (i.e., loosen your anus) for bigger things, like pegging and it’s argued that - if you're a first-time user, it should be used on your own and not with your partner.

The point to be noted is that you don’t have to insert the entire string inside. At the initial stage, you'd like to use the first two to three strings only so you get to know of the feel of the sensational burst - through which you'd be able to judge, which sensation suits you the best, pulling out or inserting.

Although, if you want to insert the entire string, definitely -- you can. Anal beads can range in lengths from 16 to 18 inches. An expert says that such length may hit a part of our body which is not safe. But as long as it feels comfortable and pleasurable for you, it’s okay to go to that level.

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