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Anal Beads for Men & Women in India

Anal beads are gradually combined spherical beads; typically, anal beads get more significant with size. So you can get many different physical sensations due to their different shapes and sizes. When you get anal beads inside of you, they start with smaller ones and then get more prominent because of their condition. Isn't it amazing...? Each bead can give you a different sensation as it goes inside you. Even you get that fantastic sensation while taking out the anal beads. It feels perfect and can handle more excellent if you take out the anal beads while you are orgasming. Our words cannot describe the feeling, so we recommend you buy one & try it yourself.

What are anal beads? Why it has a huge fan following?

Anal beads are an exciting anal sex toy that can be introduced into foreplay and intercourse. Anal beads enhance the erogenous zone in your anus, providing unimaginable pleasure and happiness. Renowned sex experts pinned that anal beads stimulate specifically targeting the anal sphincter muscles when moved in and out repeatedly. Anal beads are entirely different from butt plugs. Although anal beads can also be inserted into the anus like a butt plug, there is a difference in texture between both.

Anal beads consist of a series of dots in progressively increasing sizes, with each bead slightly more significant than the previous one. From the base to the upper part, there is a step-by-step increase in the size of the beads. If the user is experienced, he may insert beads till the base part is deep into their rectum. Each bead creates a unique and highly sensual erotic sensation inside the anal, which they cannot forget easily. These anal beads are available in various designs and sizes, so the user may try many of the beads repeatedly each time to experience a different sensation. These beads can also be used during foreplay while being with a partner. Anal Beads can be used in various sexual situations if you're alone or with a partner. You can take these anal beads inside your anus while masturbating, receiving oral, or having penetrative sex. You can also use them for training yourself (i.e., loosening your anus) for bigger things, like pegging, and it's argued that - if you're a first-time user, it should be used on your own and not with your partner.

The point to be noted is that you don't have to insert the entire string inside. At the initial stage, you'd like to use the first two to three strings only so you get to know the feel of the sensational burst - through which you'd be able to judge which sensation suits you the best, pulling out or inserting. If you want to insert the entire string, definitely -- you definitely can. Anal beads can range in length from 16 to 18 inches. An expert says that such length may hit an unsafe body part. But as long as it feels comfortable and pleasurable, it's okay to go to that level.

There are three main types of anal beads:

Single Piece Silicone Anal Beads 

A single-piece moulded strand with graduated-sized beads ranging from small on the tip to large near the retrieval loop at the opposite end.

Plastic or Metal Anal Beads on a String

Plastic or metal spheres with holes punched through the centre. These are placed along a nylon cord or string separated with knots.

Vibrating Anal Beads:

The motor can be placed either at the tip to be felt deep inside the rectum or directly at the end for stimulation of the sphincter.

What Do Anal Beads Do?

Anal beads increase sexual pleasure from the combination of fast movement and heavy texture as they are pulled out of the rectum at the onset of orgasm. Before you find out details on how to use anal beads, it's good to do some research first to find out if it's something you'll enjoy. They are not for everyone. Sure, you know what they look like and have seen pictures online, but what do anal beads do? What is their purpose in the bedroom? They tuck into the rectum in a tidy row and stay there until they are pulled out. Some people like to rip them out; even though it sounds harsh, it feels great. Remember they are not inserted dry, each ball is lubricated, and they glide out of the rectum in a quick, rhythmic flow.

How To Insert Anal Beads

Anal beads should be inserted one at a time. Please make sure each bead is well lubricated before popping it into the rectum. Customers who ask me how to use anal beads are asking how to insert anal beads because this is half the practice! Check out my video demo or follow the step-by-step instructions as follows:

  1. Apply a sex lubricant to each bead, focusing mainly on the ones at the inserting end.
  2. Spread your butt cheeks and wipe anal lube around the sphincter.
  3. If metal or plastic beads: Insert the beads one at a time into the anus using your index finger.
  4. If single strand silicone unit: Hold the middle of the strand with two fingers and insert it with a few firm pushes.
  5. As your rectum becomes filled, use two fingers to "pop" the remaining ones in.
  6. If you can't fit them all in – that's okay! Leave the remaining beads hanging out.
  7. Line up the retrieval ring with the butt cheeks to keep it out of the way, especially if you'll be sitting down.

How To Use Anal Beads

Before you feel the climax starting, grab the loop at the end of the strand and wait until the muscles in your groin pulse (indicating the start of the orgasm). Pull the beads out. You can pull the loop fast or slow based on personal preference.
Once you've discovered how to insert anal beads, you're halfway there, literally! All kidding aside, it's time to put them to good use once inserted. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to use anal beads:

  1. Follow the steps above to insert the anal beads.
  2. Enjoy sex, play with your dildos, or masturbate while leaving the beads in a place where they are.
  3. As you feel your orgasm approaching, grab the retrieval ring (or the bead closest to the sphincter if you cannot insert all the dots).
  4. At the onset of orgasm (just as you begin to feel the vaginal muscles clench for women or at the time of ejaculation for men), pull the beads out in a smooth, consistent motion.
  5. Be sure to clean thoroughly after use by using sex toy cleaner spray.

How to clean anal beads?

It will be a thrilling session every time you put anal beads in your anus to feel the pleasure of anal sex. Many users throw their sex toys away after getting released. It is not the right way to take care of sex toys. You should get out of your room and clean anal beads after using them. If you do not do that, bacteria will spread around your room. It may be risky for your health. In addition, your anal beads will not be ideal to use the next time because numerous filthy bacteria will cover all the beads and string. So, clean anal beads after using them and enjoy safer anal sex simulation. 

It is much easier to clean anal beads made of non-porous materials than clean anal beads made of porous materials. Non-porous materials such as glass, steel, and silicone have no pores on their surface. It means the bacteria cannot find a safe hideout within the beads. Whenever you put non-porous material-made beads in your anus, the bacteria will wrap onto the outer surface of the beads. You can use a standard antibacterial cleaning agent to remove those germs and bacteria and keep your sex toy clean. 

You can submerge anal beads made of non-porous material into hot water and boil them to eliminate all the bacteria. Silicone, steel, and glass remain intact even if you put these materials into boiling water. However, you will still need to scrub your beads to remove germs. There are special sex toy cleaners available in the market that you can buy and use to keep your precious sex toys clean.

Where to get Anal beads: 

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Now that you read instructions on adequately using anal beads, it's time to start shopping and discover this new realm of adult sexual pleasure. Go and shop!! 
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