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Buy Anal Vibrators for Men & Women at Low Prices

You might have heard or used or seen various kinds of Anal Toys that can enhance the sexual pleasures on the bed - the pleasure range may vary if you're solo or with your partner. There are different anal toys you can buy online at Cupidbaba.com - the list is long and consists of anal stretchers, anal beads, strap ones for pegging, etc. Here we are going to discuss how you can expand your anal play and safely introduce Anal Vibrators in your sex life.
There used to be a belief earlier that vibrators are something only for people with vaginas and clitorises, but believe us, these sensational vibe tools can serve many more areas of the body apart from the clit and G-spot. They give you a great feel for your nipples, perineum, and your anus. Although vaginal and anal vibrators are a bit different from each other, therefore, what works great for one body part might not work for the other? 

Anal vibrators are nothing but vibes specifically designed for sexual stimulation into the anus of either gender. They usually come in many different designs, sizes, colours, and materials, but all have a common feature which is to give you a vibrating effect in the rectum for sensations in the nerves.
Anal vibrators do differ from traditional dildos and mostly used vaginal vibrators in their design as they come with a flared base that helps to prevent possible loss in the rectum. Moreover, most of them have a pointed tip, which makes the insertion easy, comfortable, and more pleasurable. 

When we talk about the size of anal vibrators, its size is often smaller than vibrators intended for vaginal penetration. But that doesn't mean you can't have a big size in this category - as there are many with big sizes too if you need a big size for much enhanced and actual pleasure.

Anal vibrators or anal stimulation can be beneficial to both partners with male genitalia or female genitalia. An anal vibrator is a great product that we can use for fulfilling our preferences. The benefits of having an anal vibrator for females, you can also hit your G spot from your anal canal; believe it or not, you can feel vibration or stimulations from your anal too. 

The anal vibrator can add so much fun to your sex life, e.g.; if you have a partner with a penis & when they insert the penis into your vagina, you can also have the anal vibrator in your partner, with that, your partner can feel the vibration too. Guys can also use an anal vibrator, they also have a G spot in their butt, which is known as a P spot, it is not gay, and it is your prostate. Everyone can use an anal vibrator. 

It is best to be stimulated right before you ejaculate because you are going to get a higher sensitivity when you do ejaculate, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Our products are made of 100% silicone and for that do not use silicone-based lube, which can destroy the product. For silicone-based products, always use water-based lubricants for a better experience

Some of The Anal Vibrators:


Prostate Massager

This anal vibrator is an excellent choice for beginners. It comes with the shape and size of a finger, because of which it is an ideal starting point size when it comes to anal penetration. It has about 3.6 inches of insertable length and it is made out of silicone, which is body-safe, non-porous, and overall, the best material for a sex toy. This massager comes with a remote control, is USB rechargeable, and is fully waterproof.

Wireless Wand Massager

With a unique name, this massager is made out of silicone and features 7 different vibration modes. The length which can be inserted is around 5 inches which is an excellent start to a sensual anal sex play. It is also USB rechargeable and comes in a hot pink colour too.


It is argued as the most versatile anal vibrator ever, hence it would have been a sin to not include this one in the list. This one is a durable anal vibrator that is most preferred for solo use - credit to its greatness, but you can also use it with your partner.

This is also made out of high-quality silicone and offers unlimited variations of vibration modes, strengths, and patterns. This tool comes often in 2 different sizes based on the requirement.

Different Speeds Anal Vibrator:

This interesting tool has a luxurious look, a curvy head, and a holding point at the bottom which is nicely tapered to make insertion easy. Made using body-safe silicone, this Different Speed Vibrating Anal Plug boasts a powerful bullet enhanced for a premium level of pleasure.

It is 3.75 inches as an insertable length and has a diameter of 1.5 inches. The design is fully waterproof, which would allow you to try this not just in bed away from water but even in the bathtub shower pool, or else.

Prostate Vibrator

It comes with even more speed adjustments than the previous one.

Vibrating Plug

Mostly preferred by beginners or first-timers.
An anal vibrator will do all the hard work for you when it comes to your sexual satisfaction therefore, you shouldn't make it a forceful movement and insert it once, feel the pleasure - let it be there, and don't force it or it might hurt you.

Do not force the anal vibrator in, if you are experiencing any severe discomfort or pain as you can easily hurt yourself. Take a break, give yourself a breather, and go back to it only when you're good and better again. Also, refrain from choosing an anal vibrator or a butt plug that has a circumference greater than 4.5 inches if you're a beginner. You might hurt yourself which will make you hate something that can otherwise be a very pleasurable experience if done properly.

Beginners Guide:
Butt or anal vibrators give your ass, whole new sensations of orgasm. All you need to do is simply insert the anal vibrator inside your perineum and enjoy the sensations. Anal vibrators also stimulate your prostate so it’s always a win-win situation when you use an anal vibrator. 

Anal vibrators are smaller in size as compared to normal vibrators so do not ever insert a vaginal vibrator inside your butt. If you are a new buyer then select a small-size vibrator because, at the start, you are getting comfortable with these toys. 

Always lubricate your butt, as compared to your vagina your anus does not produce natural lubrication, so always lubricate and then start slow. After some time when getting comfortable increase the vibrations and get an orgasm.

Using an anal vibrator in your relationship is helpful in both physical and mental ways. Physical you are getting an amazing orgasm or if you are using a butt vibrator with your female partner then double orgasm mentally your relationship is getting strong, and your communication gets better; as get heart-to-heart with your partner regarded your choices and mostly your trust bond gets stronger. 

Sharing an intimate and sexually satisfying relationship with your partner is something we want.

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