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Buy Sex Toys for men Online India

Sex Toys for men such as sex dolls for men, penis toys: penis rings, penis sleeves, penis pumps, & anal toys like prostate massagers and plugs for increased pleasure in your sex life. These are available in exclusive shapes, sizes, colourings, and materials. Even if budget-friendly sex toys are available at Cupidbaba.com, you are a one-stop for wild things regarding guys' collections. There are always a few questions in everyone's mind. 

Should Males Use Sex Toys?

Yes, thousands of men use male sex toys in their daily lives, whether it is for couples or solo plays, it depends on your choice. If you want to explore your sexuality and pleasure and you are a guy, by all means, get yourself a sex toy. In our society, there are male stigmas which are hard to understand. There are infinite options; if you want to buy a dildo or any female vibrator, you can find them in various shapes, colours, or designs. 

You can buy any dildo, but if you want to have a Fleshlight, there is much judgment, like it is gross or weird. So if you want to explore your pleasure, go for it, buy yourself any male toys, and don't let someone else's complicated internal belief structure about sex ruin your own choice of pleasure. 

Male toys are unique, and there are many options, e.g., anal beads, butt plugs, cock rings, masturbators, sex dolls, anal vibrators, and so many more. So if you want to try them do not hesitate what will society think of, buy yourself whatever you want and feel the ultimate pleasure. 

Male Sex Toys Available at Cupidbaba

Cock Rings

Cock Rings are known as penis rings or satisfier rings. This particular toy is the perfect toy for couples. Every couple out there must try this amazing sex toy once in their life. Cock rings vibrate, and they are specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris during penetration. They also help for a more prolonged erection and increase blood flow. You can do various experiments with the penis ring; e.g. you can wear it on your fingers (they are very flexible) and stimulate your partner from behind or use it as a clitoral stimulator.  

Penis Enhancement Pumps:

The Penis Enhancement pump works by forming a vacuum around the penile shaft, which forces the air surrounding it to pump out of the cylinder and creates negative pressure that draws the blood into your erectile chambers. This penis, therefore, achieves its maximum size, growing in stature and rigidity - this is all possible because of the extra elasticity of the penile tissues, which leaves some room for expansion. The results have been better than expected for many men, with many users saying that enlargement pumps make their penis look bigger, more complex, and as big as it could be. 

Penis Sleeves:

Use penis sleeves to extend penis size and enjoy massive gains in altitude. The best of penis sleeves is that they are incredibly comfortable, have a very soft texture, and are very flexible. You can use them to surprise a partner with extra pleasure. Single ladies can use penis sleeves by adding extra volume to their toys. They usually come in size around 8-9 inches and 2.25-inch width. They are made of stretchable material to stretch and adapt in various shapes and sizes. As for fabric, they are made of silicon and soft and flexible TPE. 

They are available in multiple colour options and are very realistic with details. Penis sleeves are about increasing size or width and your guy's pleasure. Penis sleeves also increase the girth because of the fatter material, which makes you much thicker. A little secret about ladies "More often, it's the width that they want, more than length", but you will get the length too, so do not worry about anything else. You wear this fantastic toy and surprise your partner with ultimate pleasure. The best part about penis sleeves is that they work as condoms too. So if you have read all of this, you know what you want. 

Sex Dolls:

Sex dolls are the most life-like sex toys and the closest thing to having sex with a real woman. Sex dolls typically have a mouth hole, a vagina hole, and a butt hole and, naturally, look like boobs. Sex with a Sex Doll is a much more realistic experience than a Fleshlight or pocket vagina and is way better than your hand.  Silicon or TBE Sex dolls are softer and squishier. 

Men can fulfil their desires for sex with sex dolls, which is not healthy or safe for society. The best thing about sex dolls is that there is an incredible variety of them. They have different genders, races, and ages and come with varying body types, hair, eyes, etc. From different vagina styles and shapes to clitoris sizes to even pubic hair, if that's your thing. If you are willing to invest the money, you will get rigidly what you want. 

Advantages of Male Sex Toys:

Men, too, would benefit from sex toys. Forty-five per cent of men today prefer to use adult toys or have used them at some point in their lives. One of the best benefits of using male toys is that they help men to understand their bodies better. 

1. One of the best benefits of using sex toys is that these nifty tools help men understand their bodies better. With toys, one would be able to explore his entire body and gain a good understanding of his specific sexual needs, wants, and preferences. Toys will make you patient and enable you to make your partner happier. 

2. Toys will make you patient and enable you to make your partner happier. Your woman will love it when you are confident when making love to her. Nothing turns women on more than confidence, and sex toys can help you improve your confidence and self-esteem. Sex toys will, in return, improve your sex life. Sex toys are mainly meant to help you explore and learn new tactics when enjoying maximum pleasure. You gain confidence when masturbating, and you can pass the same when making love to your partner. Try teasing your partner by locking your penis in a Chastity Cage Lock.

3. Boring sex is one of the reasons why people end up cheating in search of exciting experiences. Men who use toys have reported being more satisfied with their sex than those without xxx toys. They get quality orgasms even during masturbation. Toys are more like experimental tools. The more you experiment and explore your body, the more you know how to get yourself off. XXX toys apply to both when solo and with your partner. 

4. Healthy masturbation assures excellent sensual pleasure and promotes good prostate health. Sex toys are a fantastic aid to an invigorating masturbation session. Yes, of course, you can always do it manually. But the addition of sex toys takes the pleasure of life to a new level altogether. You will find male masturbators today specially designed with internal sleeves to double up the fun.

5. A lot of men are suffering from sexual dysfunction, which harms both their relationships and self-esteem. Erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety are significant causes of this problem and can easily be eliminated using sex toys. Improving your sexual stamina can be done by using sex toys. If you can learn how to make yourself gain an erection by using toys while masturbating, then you can quickly get one when having sex with a partner. This reduces performance anxiety. 

How To Clean Your Sex Toys:

Cleaning sex toys is very important. A sex toy is very intimate and personal for all of us; cleaning them is as essential as cleaning yourself.  

1. All silicone and metal sex toys of men or women should be washed with warm soapy water or sex toy cleaner before and after every use; cleaning is necessary as it may transmit diseases.
2. Clean with warm water and keep all male adult toys dry before storing them to avoid any bacteria on the surface, especially if your sex toy is made of silicone materials. 
3. Remove batteries from all battery-operated toys and avoid directly soaking them in water. Clean with a wet cloth instead. 
4. Remember, unclean toys that you do not share can't give you an STD but can still give you an itch/rash or infection. 
5. After every wash, dry them and store them in a closed box.  

Tips To Know Before You Buy Male Sexy Toys:

1. First and most crucial, buy lubricant; it is the most important thing to invest in before using any xxx toys, especially anal toys. Lubricants make sexual activity pain-free and more pleasurable. 
2. Buy sexy toys only from trusted sources to ensure the quality of products; many low-quality products are available offline, so avoid such products. 
3. Sharing is caring and is entirely unhelpful in this case; refrain from sharing your man's sex toy with anyone, and if you do end up doing so, clean the toy thoroughly and use it with a condom. 
4. Sex toys are fun; however, it is recommended by doctors to use male toys for only 20 minutes. 
5. Ensure the size of the products; too small products may cut off your blood circulation and end up in bad condition for your private parts. 

Breaking Down Unwanted Cultural Barriers:

Sex toys help to break down unwanted cultural barriers, and that too in a private, safe setting. These toys enable men to attain a better understanding of not just their bodies- but also their "selves". This point is especially relevant for straight men. The patriarchal system has always defined certain acts as "non-manly" or "non-straight", which altogether offer a very misguiding conception of "man" or "masculinity". 

For example, let's take the act of pegging. Many men enjoy anal penetration, and liking is not always restricted to gay men. In other words, many straight men want anal penetration. However, due to wrong patriarchal notions, there was a belief that a straight man couldn't enjoy pegging and whoever did that was gay. And that's just so wrong! 

Now, when a man uses a sex toy, says a butt plug, and explores pegging, he gradually realizes that his liking for penetration does not make him gay overnight. He starts to break the taboo and cultural barrier that you can enjoy pegging even when you are straight. Most importantly, those realizations make them more empathetic towards homosexual men. Because, in the end, all that matters is 'PLEASURE'.

Why Choose Cupidbaba? 

At Cupid Baba, sex toys are just one way to create a happy and healthy sexual lifestyle. Cupid Baba has successfully raised the standards of the Indian adult market. 

Cupid Baba is a sex toys online store that provides men and women with the highest quality adult products and an opportunity to access the vast collection of sex toys that allow comprehending adults to enjoy their sexuality within their boundaries and in the privacy of their homes. 

We have 100% safe adult sex toys in India to use. They are made of skin-friendly silicone and are medically tested. Our customer care team is very knowledgeable, friendly, and quick to help you with any inquiries.  

Explore, be curious, and discover your naughty side! At Cupid Baba, India's online store for sex toys and intimate adult products.

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