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Sex Toys For Men Online India

Our exclusive range of Sex toys for men provides some serious sexual pleasure and allows you to up your sex game with your partner for unforgettable sexual activities. You can explore a range of male masturbation toys, Pocket pussies, stokers, fleshlight, anal sex toys, prostate massagers, condoms, penis sleeves, and cock rings & sex dolls to build your charisma. 

We have a special range of Men's sex toys that will assist you with treating erectile dysfunction disorders. It does not matter if you use the Male sex toys alone or with an accomplice, it will always improve your sex life and make intimate encounters pleasurable with your partner so you both can have mind-blowing orgasms whenever you indulge in intercourse. We suggest men use Fleshlight and handheld masturbators for beginners. Prostate massagers are best for stimulating the prostate among men and anal sex toys for men are for more experienced people.


Are you searching for a toy that assists men to last longer with their partner in bed and keep a stronger erection for a long time? Then, a vibrating penis ring is the best option for you.


Are you looking to buy sex toys that will help you make love to your partner for an extended time then you should place an order on Cupidbaba.com - Sex Toys Store and we get them delivered to you at your doorsteps in absolutely discreet packaging from our India-based warehouse to ensure fast delivery and offer complete privacy?

What Are Sex Toys for Men?


Men's sex toys can be included in foreplay activities, intimate sex, or utilized for solo pleasure (also known as masturbation). They have various advantages, from better sexual delight and kinky sensations to enhanced libido and effects that boost the erection of the manhood and medical advantages like better sleep increased blood flow, and enhanced endurance. 

Regardless of whether you're searching for a sex toy for yourself, or you want to gift your man to impress him in your relationship with something memorable and useful, Cupidbaba.com has everything in stock for you with the best male sex toys available online in India!

Masturbation Sleeves: 

These are often referred to as strokers or pocket pussies. They are designed to simulate the sensations of vaginal or anal intercourse. Masturbation sleeves typically have textured inner surfaces to provide a more realistic experience.

Penis Pumps: 

Penis pumps create a vacuum around the penis, causing increased blood flow, which can lead to temporary enlargement and heightened sensitivity. These are often used for both sexual pleasure and erectile dysfunction management.


Fleshlights are male masturbatory devices designed to mimic the feeling of vaginal, anal, or oral sex. They are typically made from soft, lifelike materials and come in various styles and textures.

Vibrating Prostate Massagers

Some men enjoy using vibrators on their genitals for added stimulation. There are specialized vibrators designed for male use, such as vibrating prostate massagers or perineum stimulators.

Couples' Toys: 

Some sex toys are designed for use during partner sex. These can include vibrating penis rings, remote-controlled devices, and other accessories that can enhance pleasure for both partners.

Suction Devices: 

Suction-based toys, like those designed for nipple or penis stimulation, create a sucking sensation that can be highly pleasurable.

Anal Beads and Plugs: 

These toys are designed for anal stimulation. Anal beads are typically a series of connected beads that can be inserted and removed, while anal plugs are inserted and left in place for a more prolonged sensation.

Sex Dolls:

Realistic sex dolls for men offer a lifelike and customizable intimate experience. Crafted with realistic features and premium materials, they provide companionship and pleasure without judgment. These high-quality companions cater to diverse desires and fantasies, allowing for a unique and fulfilling journey of intimacy. Explore your deepest desires with these lifelike, carefully designed partners.

The Benefits of Using Sex Toys for Men

Using sex toys for men offers a wide range of benefits that extend beyond immediate pleasure. Here are some key advantages:

Enhanced Sexual Satisfaction: Sex toys are designed to provide unique and intense sensations that can lead to heightened sexual pleasure and more fulfilling orgasms. They can help men discover new erogenous zones and stimulation techniques that may not be achievable through manual stimulation alone.

Improved Sexual Health: Regular sexual activity, including the use of sex toys, can contribute to better sexual health. It helps maintain blood flow to the genital area, which is essential for erectile function and overall sexual well-being.

Erectile Function and Stamina: Some sex toys, like cock rings and penis pumps, are specifically designed to enhance erectile function. Cock rings help maintain erections by restricting blood flow out of the penis, while penis pumps can improve blood circulation and may aid in maintaining healthy erectile function. This can be especially helpful for men with erectile dysfunction.

Premature Ejaculation Control: Certain sex toys, such as cock rings and masturbatory sleeves, can help delay ejaculation, allowing men to prolong sexual encounters and improve their control over when they climax.

Prostate Health: Prostate massagers are designed to stimulate the prostate gland, which is associated with intense pleasure and may contribute to overall prostate health. Regular prostate massage can help with issues like benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and improve urinary function.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Sexual activity, including masturbation with sex toys, can release endorphins and reduce stress hormones like cortisol. This can lead to improved mood, reduced stress, and better overall mental well-being.

Better Sexual Communication: Introducing sex toys into the bedroom can encourage open and honest communication between partners about their desires, preferences, and boundaries. This can enhance intimacy and strengthen the emotional connection in a relationship.

Solo Exploration and Self-Discovery: Sex toys provide a safe and non-judgmental way for men to explore their bodies, understand their desires, and discover what brings them pleasure. This self-discovery can lead to increased self-confidence and better sexual experiences with partners.

Variety and Spicing Up Relationships: Couples' sex toys and interactive devices can add excitement and novelty to sexual relationships. They can create opportunities for experimentation and playfulness, revitalizing sexual intimacy.

Accessibility and Inclusivity: Sex toys are inclusive and can cater to a wide range of sexual orientations, preferences, and physical abilities. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and functions, ensuring that everyone can find a toy that suits their needs.

Long-Distance Relationships: Remote-controlled and app-connected sex toys allow couples in long-distance relationships to maintain a level of intimacy and connection, even when physically apart.

Education and Awareness: Using sex toys can educate individuals about their bodies and sexual responses, leading to a deeper understanding of what brings them pleasure. This knowledge can enhance overall sexual satisfaction and well-being.

Sex toys for men have evolved significantly, providing a multitude of options to enhance sexual pleasure, intimacy, and overall sexual well-being. Whether used for solo exploration or shared experiences with a partner, these toys offer numerous health benefits.

How To Buy Men’s Sex Toys Online in India?

The most ideal way for Indian men is to place an order for sex toys for men online through a smartphone, tablet, or computer, keeping in mind that there are not so many physical sex toy stores available in the country. Though this has various benefits like options for discreet delivery, self-pickup, and several options available sometimes it can be really difficult to make the decision and pick the right sex toy or Penis Toy that suits your needs. 

Since you can't touch and feel the material that sex toys are made of before buying sex toys for boys, it turns out to be much more critical to do thorough research on adult toys for men and gauge the benefits and weaknesses of the products available online on the site. We additionally suggest our customers read customer surveys and reviews from various users before buying any toy online for themselves. But don't worry! In any case, we have got your back! Our team of experts will help you to pick the most ideal sex toys for you so you won't need to worry yourself.

Male Sex Toys

Couples can elevate their intimate experiences by incorporating male sex toys into their bedroom adventures. While these toys are often enjoyed individually, sharing the pleasure with a partner can amplify the excitement. Men's sex toys have a broad appeal that extends beyond just personal use. 

Here's how they can contribute to shared pleasure:

Prostate Massagers:

Specially crafted to target the prostate gland, often referred to as the male G-spot, these discreet gadgets frequently feature vibrating functions, delivering intense and satisfying orgasms.

Anal Toys (Butt Plugs and Anal Beads):

In addition to prostate stimulation, anal toys like butt plugs and anal beads can add a new dimension of pleasure. These toys are versatile and can be integrated into couples' play, enhancing the experience for both partners.

Penis Sleeves:

Simple yet effective, penis sleeves are silicone sheaths that slide over the penis shaft. They not only maintain hygiene but also intensify sensations, enhancing pleasure for both partners.


While commonly associated with women, strap-on dildo offer versatile play options. They can be used in conjunction with penis sleeves or vibrating toys designed for men, challenging the notion that male sex toys are solely for solo use. Strap-ons also open up exciting possibilities for exploration, including anal play.

Cock Rings:

Cock rings are valuable additions to the bedroom, enhancing performance and size. Many variants are crafted to heighten the sensations experienced by the wearer, contributing to an enjoyable sexual encounter for everyone involved.

Penis Enlargement:

Penis Enlargement pumps and extenders provide a means to enhance one's size on an individual basis. While not typically categorized as male sex toys, they can be valuable components of a fulfilling sexual routine when used correctly. Additionally, lube, gels, and supplements are designed to enhance size and they can be used during sex with a partner for added intimacy and satisfaction.

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