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Buy Best Butt Plug in India at Genuine Price For Safe Anal Play

Internet Trends prove that if there's anything popular on the internet, apart from Monday memes or US-China tussle, it’s Anal Sex. Whether you're already into anal sex or want to start with, one thing will surely hold: Butt Plugs must be a part of your life. Recently an anal play advertisement regarded the butt plug as "the pleasure product for anybody and anybody."


Ah, the glorious butt plugs! But why exactly you should buy a butt plug online from Cupidbaba.com and why it has to be in your bedroom and why it's different from other anal toys?

What is Butt Plug?

A sex toy that can be used by anyone, it is used on the anus, regardless of gender, genitalia, or orientation. An anal toy that plugs your butt -- it is shaped like a teardrop and has a wider base which helps it with prevention from getting sucked in. It’s very easy to use and gives immense pleasure through gradual in-out motion, and its shape is what makes it different from others.


Butt plugs tend to be in this teardrop shape. They have a tapered tip for easy insertion followed by a wide body and then a narrow neck and a flared base. Make sure your butt plug has a flat base, that stops any unwanted travel, flat base is essential. 

People love to wear butt not only because they feel good but also anus contain a considerable number of nerve ending which make them sensitive, but there is one very important key nerve that runs right past your rectum that gives you a great orgasm. This nerve is known as the Pudenda nerve, guys P spot. 

We are trying to get more medical here, but just some key information. So when you insert a butt plug, it perfectly stimulates the nerve area and carries that pleasure through all your genital area, this is the reason why butt plugs feel so good. Butt plugs are designed in a way that it stays in particular positions that gave you, your ultimate stimulations. And the base of the butt plugs works as an anchor, which means the butt plug can stay at its place and your hands are free to do other things. 

As you know your special nerve runs into this area and to your main area of genitalia, so stimulating at the same time is going to be mind-blowing. So everyone should own their self butt plugs because they are the BEST. 

It has a tapered end for easy entry, a larger bulb for the opening of the anal for smoothness, with a thin neck and flared base for easy removal. This flared base is the most feature of this toy. Since the anal column continues up to the digestive tract and colon unlike the vagina which ends at the cervix, hence, the flared base makes sure that the toy doesn't get sucked inside and is stuck into the anal canal. So, when you go to have a butt plug - ensure it has a flared base, take one with and go home.


Why Butt Plug?

Butt Plugs are different from anal beads, which look like a string of pearls attached to the stick. Anal beads are intended to be pulled in and out repeatedly, unlike the butt plug, which just stays at rest position making the sensation a basic difference. 


Okay, but what about butt plugs versus dildos?

For beginners, dildos don't mandatorily have a flared base. You don't want to insert a slimmer dildo in the butt and keep it there with a fear of losing it there. Although the strap-on harness and dildo are safe for anal play still you should consider the difference in sensations.


If your gluteus is clenching already at the mere thought of using a butt plug, this is for you: 'Our anus is loaded with nerves which are super sensitive, and while that indicates that anal play can be really painful if not done gradually, carefully and with a lot of lube, it also means that it guarantees a lot of pleasure potential.

Moreover, you can use a butt plug during almost any sexual act — regardless of your or your partner's gender or sexuality. Yes, butt plugs would be a great addition to dry humping, oral sex, manual sex/hand stuff, penetrative sex with a penis or dildo, or other styles.


Since the anal canal and vaginal canal are kinds of neighbors, when you'd insert the butt plug sex toy, it might decrease the width of the vaginal canal and this, in turn, will help in increasing the chances that your partner will hit your G-Spot. Adding on, if your partner has a penis - that would create pressure and immense pleasure, making you feel great along their shaft.


If you compare - having oral sex with the butt plug on to having oral sex playing with your nipples, it will make the play a better and a full-body experience. Also, if the butt plug you're using is long enough, it may even hit your A-spot (located a few inches deeper than the G-spot in the vaginal canal). Hence, you just might feel the coveted blended orgasm.


So when you're a starter and considering using the butt plug - start small, like seriously small (especially if you've never had even a finger size thing back there). Here is the catch - hold up your thumb…that's the size approximately which you're going to use as your first beginner butt plug. 

Some of the great beginner butt plugs are Snug Plug, Naughty 1 or Naughty 2, and Little Flirt.


When you get used to it, you can upgrade your toy. As a beginner, you can considerably increase the diameter or length of the plug or you can also give it a try to vibrating butt plug and rotating butt plugs such as Platinum Premium Vibrating Plug or Vibrating Snug Plug. Believe us - this will take you and your plug-oriented erotic sensations to a whole new level.


Lastly, if you're still horny, you can always try a metal butt plug, like the Bejeweled Plug or even a gold butt plug.

People usually say why are you having anal sex? It is painful or anal sex are for particular group’ but is not true at all and anal sex can be enjoyed by everyone. If you think anal sex is for gay people, then you are missing the most amazing experience of your life. If you want to dig into your anal cave, use a butt plug as your first tool. It will help you to know your limit and lose your sphincter area so that your anal skin does not get damaged because it is a thick layer of skin.

A fun fact about butt plugs is that there was some time when butt plugs are used as a “therapeutic device” for medical purposes and those were the days when buying butt plugs was difficult, but not now. Nowadays buying butt plugs are quite normal. You can get yourself a mind-blowing butt plug by just sitting at your coach. 

CupidBaba is here to amaze you with their wonderful butt plugs collections and their shipping policies are best compared to all other online sex stores. They also give you a COD facility. Their customer service will help you if you are getting confused about what to buy. So don’t worry about anything else when you are at cupid baby.

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