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Tripura was a princely state in India, which was never directly ruled by the Britishers. Tripura is a unique state, that may not be so developed. But, Tripura can truly give you an experience that you can never forget. Tripura is a state where mystery plays in nature's lap. There is a mixing of cultures among communities with the creation of totally different cultures and languages from West Bengali. Regarding culture and other aspects, dance is popular in the communities. However, the Reang dance is popular and always represented outside the state. Tripura is a beautiful state, surrounded by nature. When you visit Tripura, you will experience 'Royal Touch' in every corner. The temples are very mysterious here; Unakoti- the temple of Lord Shiva, Deotamura, Pilak, and, Boxanagar. All these places are as mysterious as our Adam's Bridge and Vrindavan Garden. The people of Tripura are helpful and sweet, they are a mixture of Bengali and Bangladesh during the partition. They have agreed to learn and adapt to new things. Being here feels like you have reached God's home, it is hard to describe how beautiful and peaceful Tripura is.

Cupidbaba in Tripura:

Tripura has a desire to adopt new things and learn about new stuff. Youth of Tripura has crazed new trends; whether it is Instagram real or sexual stuff. Sex toys are expanding fast and people are accepting the fact of how good is sex toys for them. That is why we are here, Hello we are the top sexual brand "Cupidbaba". Cupidbaba is a stop destination for all your sexual desires. Here you can find all sex kinds of sexy toys, and what you need to satisfy your inner soul. Cupidbaba is growing with one vision to spread awareness among people about how good sex toys are for them. They not only give you the best orgasm but are also very good for your health and your relationship. That is why you should not think twice about getting sex toys for yourself or your relationship. Cupidbaba has almost everything for everyone; men, women, gays, lesbians, and couples. So, what are you waiting for, Cupidbaba will love to host you. 

Here are our three favorite recommendations, which we suggest everyone should own:


The most loved sex toy which must be owned by every woman of Tripura. The vibrator is a sex toy that stimulates your erogenous part, especially your clit and the vagina with different vibrations and you can also stimulate your nipples or another erogenous part of your body with vibrations. There are different types of vibrators; rabbit vibrator, dildo vibrator, G-spot vibrator, bullet vibrator, and so on. Don't think much, get yourself a vibrator.

Spanking paddles and whips: 

You know pleasure comes with pain, paddles, and whips. It feels so weird to hear that someone would exactly enjoy the spanking. It is a BDSM role play and if you spank in the right place it will deliver electric sensations all over your body and give an amazing orgasm. Spanking on the inside of your thighs or the downside of your foot, on your nipples, or your butt at any erotic place will give you an amazing orgasm. So it's time to spank your partner  

Cock rings: 

Cock ring plays an essential role for a man in their bedroom. What is a cock ring; it helps you to last longer than your usual time. Cock ring not only brings pleasure and satisfaction to one partner but it is also very fun for the person who is wearing it. So, if you are looking for double action, you know what to buy.

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