Inflatable Butt Plug Anal Expansion Plug

Inflatable Butt Plug Anal Expansion Plug

Model: WO00377

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-Color: Black

- Made of top-class silicone, it is odorless and non-toxic, flexible and stretchy

- With a manual air pump, you can control the air volume of each pumping


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Made of soft silicone material, this item is flexible, non-toxic, and safe. It is an inflatable butt plug with a manual air pump for pushing air in. Tapered tip for easy insertion and flared base to keep in place.  It will definitely bring lots of fun to couples and help them enjoy themselves. A quick-release knob ensures convenience.Please keep hygiene before and after use

Customer reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Sujata on May 28, 2022

It's fun to pump and control it. When it grew bigger, I got orgasms. The adjustable size is great. Really enjoy playing with it. It's still fun and I'm satisfied.

Sonam on Aug 31, 2022

An excellent adult toy that is soft and easy to use.

Damini Virdi on Aug 31, 2022

Honestly, this is a fantastic plug. It is extremely well made and very comfortable, and the best part is that you can use it to warm up. Once you get started pumping it up, it gives you a very satisfying feeling! This plug is gentle and can be controlled easily, and unlike cheaper products, it doesn't misshape or deform.

Ajit Arora on Feb 02, 2023

This i bought for my gf, since she was always complaining about not trying a bigger toy. This is very helpful for the newbies , especially for the solo girls. She orgasmed in 10 min after we used it the first time.

Shuruti on Feb 24, 2024

The tube attached seems to be strong enough to hold it in place.

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