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Female Sex Toys

Studies have proven that over 73% of sexually active women are unsatisfied with their sex life. It's time for women in India to break the barriers, as we all deserve the best orgasm. Women have been objectified for a long time, but finally, Indian women have started to claim their sexual rights and open up about their sexual desires. 

Studies have shown that women who masturbate regularly are privy to several different health benefits. Women who masturbate generally have better sex, as they are familiar with everything that turns them on. They know what it takes to bring themselves to orgasm and are often more confident in the bedroom. Sexy toys for women who masturbate can help eliminate associated pains, like arthritis flair-ups during manual stimulation. Sextoys also help protect women from the injuries or infections that using sex toy substitutes can cause.

With this ongoing sexual revolution in India, Cupidbaba has developed many female sex toys for the best pleasure. Nowadays, you can scroll between multiple different categories of vibrators for women like.

What Is Meant By Female Sex Toys?

As sex is coming out of the closet, there has been an increase in the demand for masturbators. No surprise that sex toys for ladies are also becoming popular as many modern, independent women are opting for them.  These accessories can help to spice up your sex life whether you are single or in a relationship. If you are single, you can choose from the various girl's sex toys based on your sexual fantasies. A female masturbator can be a pal when your partner is not with you. You can have all your sexual dreams come true while staying apart. The female body is complex, and every woman reaches orgasm differently. It is essential to know about your body that will allow you to get sexual satisfaction. Women can have a positive relationship when they use a female masturbator to explore their bodies. They come in various designs and sizes; you must choose one carefully. Being a woman in India means that it's your body and your choice, and we're here to help in any way we can, specifically regarding sex toys for girls and how to use them. We'll explore the different products and toys that help you own your orgasm. No shame. No guilt.

Sex Toys For Female


 Are you new to this world of vibrators and don't know how to use a vibrator, what it looks like while buying a vibrator, or you have had the vibrator for a long time, but you are not sure that you are getting the most out of it. Don't worry; we are going to help you. Vibrators are like tiny machines but not so small at the same time used for massaging your clitoris. Vibrators come in many different shapes and sizes. There are also so many vibrators for women: vibrating eggs, bullet massagers, dildos, rabbit vibrators, wand massagers, Kegel Balls and so many more. When you buy a vibrator, go and look online, do some research, and find your type according to your preference. All vibrators have different properties and personalities, so you will know what you want when you look at them they will look so appealing.


Sex isn't about just insertion; insertion isn't the only way to achieve pleasure or orgasm for women. The rest of the erogenous zones of a woman include her labia, clitoris, and vulva and each of them has lots of nerve endings. Each of them can be stimulated for sexual pleasure. Any clitoral stimulators or clitoral vibrators do just that. They produce the clitoris. Vibes come in a wide variety. There is a range of intelligent designs and multiple vibration patterns remote controls, and the ladies are in for a delicious treat! Some common shapes available for clitoral vibrators include the bullet, the vibrating egg, the wands, and specially designed vibes with some or the other sort of knob at the head. Some models in

clitoral vibrators come in a very discreet shape and size. There are also mini vibrators. The mini vibrators can be both discreet and customizable. These sex toys for women are easy to carry and non-embarrassing.


Massagers are life saviors. Massagers for women are not only sex toys; they are like masseuses—one-time payment, lifetime home massages, and sexual pleasures. Massagers are in perfect shape, which can give you intense clitoral stimulations. The motor of massagers is powerful. They do not only provide you with incredible orgasms, but they are also perfect for self-massage on all your aches and pains, whether on your shoulder, waist, lower back, or probably everywhere on your body. Massagers are great to use with partners for massage or foreplay, so it's an incredibly diverse sex toy. It not only helps you relax physically but also benefits your mental health because it helps to release stress.


Choosing a dildo sex toy in India is only problematic when it comes down to the overwhelming number of choices you face. Dildos aren't just for girls but can spice up any intimate moments you and your partner might have. Understanding what they are is effortless. They are made for penetrative fun and can be used alongside many other sex toys or even solo. There are a ton of different ones to choose from. Additional styles, textures, colors, shapes, and sizes mean that you can tailor your sexual experience to a dildo that represents you best. Get a variety of them, so your collection is set to satisfy every time.

When we think about buying a sex toy, the first thing that comes to mind is whether sex toys are safe to use.

Yes, sex toys are way safer than you might think. Most of the toys are made of silicon or TBE material. They are skin-friendly and do not cause infection unless you are allergic to the material. But for safety precautions, read the manual of instructions carefully before you use them and sterilize them every time you use them, before and after, and at last, store them properly in a box or plastic bag.

Benefits Of Sex Toys For Girls

Sex toys for girls have multiple benefits, Some of them are:

1. Female sex toys provide an opportunity for women to explore their sexuality. They help in building sexual confidence.

2. They are designed to target the pleasure spots in the human body directly. So, there's no need to struggle and find the right places.

3. Sexy toys for women come in various forms, types, and sizes and hence offer a range of experiences for women. When we look at the kinds of adult toys, it will become clear how they facilitate hard orgasms.

4. Female sex toys are a safe way of exploring sexuality. They avoid the risk of pregnancy, and if maintained well and hygienically, they are risk-free. One needs to take some basic precautions that we will discuss after we look at the types of sex products available for women.

5. Sexy toys for women facilitate women in dealing with the cultural impositions of when and with whom women can freely have sex.

What Are The Myths Associated With Female Sex Toys?

Myth: If a woman needs a vibrator to orgasm, she has something wrong.

Truth: 'Afraid not, boys! Vibrators make it easier for a woman to become aroused and reach orgasm. They also improve a woman's sexual satisfaction. Women who have difficulty with orgasm are sexually ordinary. They merely require stimulation beyond what fingers and mouths can provide. A recent

study shows that 25 percent of women are in this situation. Would you badmouth a plumber for using power tools? Of course not. Power tools get the job done quicker and more efficiently.

Myth: Vibrators replace the partners soon

Vibrators are sex toys for vaginal or clitoral stimulation. It is one of the most common female sex toys. There is a misconception that women with a happy sex life do not need masturbators. Female sexual toys can help to enhance the sexual relationship of a woman with her partner. When having sex, there are various other aspects of the relationship, including foreplay and kissing. Vibrators are fantastic for arousing a woman during foreplay. What you experience during foreplay can ensure the quality of the sex you have. Women's sex toys can allow you to know about your body, pleasure points, and orgasm, thus improving your sexual relationship with your partner.

How To Use A Female Sex Toy: 

There are many types of female sex toys, and the specific instructions for using them will vary depending on the toy. Here are some general tips for using female sex toys:

1.      Read the instructions: Most sex toys come with instructions on how to use them, so it's a good idea to start by reading through these carefully.

2.      Experiment with different settings and techniques: Many sex toys have different backgrounds or functions, so it can be helpful to experiment with these to find out what feels best. You might also try using the toy in different ways, such as using it alone or with a partner or using it externally or internally.

3.     Start slowly and build up: It's essential to take your time and go at a comfortable pace. You can start using the toy on a low setting or with minimal pressure, gradually increasing the intensity as you become more comfortable.

4.     Use lubricant: Lubricant can make using a sex toy more comfortable and enjoyable. Water-based lubricants are generally safe with most sex toys, but checking the instructions is a good idea.

5.     Clean your toy: It's essential to keep your sex toy clean to help prevent the spread of infections. Many toys can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap, but it's a good idea to check the instructions to be sure. Some toys may be sensitive to certain cleaning products, so it's important to use only recommended ones.

Remember always to use sex toys safely and responsibly, and stop using them if you experience discomfort or pain. It's also a good idea to talk to your healthcare provider if you have any concerns about using sex toys.

What Is The Correct Way To Clean Female Sex Toys?

Now you know that the lady's sex toys can help you have a better sex life and help you have better health. However, the materials used to make the toys can help to ascertain how to clean them. The nonelectrical ones made of stainless steel, glass, or silicone must be cleaned using boiling water.

You can use a damp soapy cloth to clean the leather items. There are various toy cleaners available online too. Do some research and check if you can use them.

Why Choose Cupidbada? 

If you are looking for female sex toys at lower prices in India? Cupidbaba is the website for you. Cupidbaba is a sex toy online store with excellent prices on a wide range of sex toys, including; vibrators, dildos, massagers,  breast enlargement pumps, sexy lingerie sets, fleshlight, female masturbators, penis enlargement products, sex dolls, anal toys, butt plugs, and so many more. Cupidbaba is the hub of sexual delight and fantasy for many people in India. 

Experiments in love life increased awareness of sexuality of both men and women and online availability of sexual pleasure items has contributed to the growth of sex toys. Cupidbaba makes sure that all products are readily available with the touch of one click. All products of Cupidbaba are 100% safe to use, made of pure silicon, and eco-friendly. 

Cupidbaba is a new brand in the sex product business, but they provide the best toys at a reasonable price, which makes them so demanding in the market. Their services and offers are so good. They provide discreet shipping because they understand your privacy. Cupidbaba gave a variety of sex toys which helped to spice up the sex life of men and women. So, ladies, it is time to go wild and choose a toy for your wildness.

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