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In case you are ready to let go of your embarrassment, shyness, you can explore a whole new level of pleasure by including some Anal Toys in your bedroom.


Using anal sex toys in bed is the most common and best way to stimulate the anal region since there are thousands of feel-good nerve endings there. Not only is it allow you to have a quick and comfortable play, but you can also use the vibrating anal toys for foreplay activities and then move on to have some penetrative anal sex with your partner. 


While it is completely possible to achieve the orgasms simply through your own hands, fingers, and mouths, you still will enjoy the sensations and pleasure in a much better way since anal beads can add more fun to your bedroom activities as compared to traditional masturbation techniques. To spice up things and uplift the joy to the next level, you can browse through our range of various anal toys available on Cupidbaba.com. While some people still feel awkward while indulging in anal play using anal toys as it is still considered taboo in most parts of India, but the growing interest in experimenting with anal toys among couples and youth makes them quite an amazing option.



Are the most commonly used sex toys and almost the gold standard of erotic play, butt plugs are ideal for everyone including amateurs and experts, but ensure you know how to use them. You can penetrate your partner with anal toys like Butt plugs and do your routine domestic chores while the toy is vibrating in your butt that gives incredible stimulation. You can use vibrators or perform vaginal sex to satisfy your partner.



Identical in design to anal plugs, but they are used for a different purpose. The best use of anal beads is for penetration of the anus and masturbation to achieve anal orgasms. The Anal contains two circular muscles called as Sphincter. These contract and relax to let the beads go in and out providing immense pleasure in the backdoor.



Work just like anal vibrators, except there's a slight bend on one end along the body that makes it great for hitting the erogenous prostate organ among males. Prostate orgasms are men’s favorite sex toys for solo masturbation since males do not need any partner to engage in anal fun.


Vibrators are very similar to use and look the same way as anal beads do, but anal vibrators allow you to have sensual fun without putting forth much effort by yourself. It makes them an ideal option for a Perfect play if you want mind-blowing and simple masturbation sessions.



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