What do you mean by the penis sleeves?


Penis sleeves or Penise Pro Extenders are a sort of sex toy, generally made of clinical silicone and polymer materials. The head part of the sleeves for men is mostly solid and is not flexible much, and it is delicate. The penis sleeve is normally empty inside and thickened on the walls. The external portion of the penis sleeve is generally having ridges on the outer surface, floating-point and the base end has spikes specially intended to stimulate some delicate regions of the women's body.


What role penis sleeves play during sex?


The primary role of the top of the penis sleeve is to make the male with a short penis have sex with his female partner with a bigger private part and have delayed orgasms to completely satisfy the women. The part of the thick sleeve of the penis sleeve brings more pleasure and excitement to the woman by having a bigger size and bigger erections. The cover on the outer side of the sleeve stimulates and massages the physically erogenous and sensitive parts of the female to please the scintillating nerves and accomplish the task of providing better orgasms to both partners by working on improving the nature of sexual life.


Penis sleeves are exceptionally useful in improving the quality of sex. It utilizes a super-high sensational penis that feels super attractive to women. The thick sleeve is delicate and offers flexibility at the same time, and it is more useful and highly stimulating for women. The front section of the penis sleeve is thicker on the outside to decrease the sensation of the penis glans and enables men to have sex for a longer time. The premium multi-dimensional design of the cock sleeves for men, proportionate allocation of huge particles around the sleeve, can adequately promote the friction while having intercourse with the women, the level of pleasure that both get is exceptional, extremely popular known with ladies.


How to use the penis sleeve effectively?


  1. Scroll down on the Cupidbaba site and choose  Gorilla Spike Condom, Penile Traction Device, long penis size Sanda oil, rubber the best-fit penis sleeve that is suitable for you from our sexual wellness Adult Store – You need to make sure that you choose the appropriate size of the sleeve so it won’t be too tight or loose on you.

  2. Wash the toy with an alcohol mixture- it is best to wash the product with soap water or alcohol to reduce the risk of bacterial or viral infections

  3. Wear the sleeve on the penis – Before using it, make sure you remove the packaging properly and you can squeeze the air in front of the sleep using your fingers and wear it on your cock. Also, ensure that the bending surface of the product is exposed.

  4. Withdraw the toy right after ejaculation and pull it out by pressing the bottom of the sleeve with your hand - After you take out the penis for your partner's vagina, remove the sleeve gently and take good care of the sleeve. Note: If required, you can also utilize water-based lube while having fun. The use of oils or ointments like glycerin can break the sleeve or rupture the toy. Do not leave the sleeve in the heat or in the wallet for a longer duration of time. 

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