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Introduction To Condoms & Lubricants

There are so many questions on our minds related to condoms and lubes. Due to a lack of information people avoid using them in their sexual life. But with time people are getting aware of lubrication and condoms, but there are still some questions like -Are lubes harmful? Can we use both condoms and lubes together? And so on. 

First thing first, let’s start with basic ones.

Sexual lubricants, also known as personal lubricants, are lubricants specifically designed for use during sexual activity. Lubricants can really enhance your sexual experience, so if you are not using one, you’re missing out on the actual fun. Lubricants are used as an intended substitute for natural moisture and they are really intended to decrease the friction during penetration intercourse. They can be used to reduce friction and discomfort during intercourse, and can also enhance sexual pleasure. Researchers estimate that lubricants have been used for well over a thousand areas, in places like China, Japan and Korea. In fact, the first time lubricant was used was in 350 BC in ancient Rome and ancient Greece, where they used olive oil as lubricant.

Personal lubricants can be used by people of all genders and sexual orientations, and are particularly useful for those who experience vaginal dryness. There are several different types of sexual lubricants available, including water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based lubricants. Each type has its own set of benefits and potential drawbacks, so it's important to choose a lubricant that is appropriate for your needs and preferences.

Different Types of Lubricant:-

1. Water Based Lubricant

Water based lubricant is most recommending lube. They are very good because water based lubricant is much closer to natural vaginal flora. Water based lubricants are unscented and uncolored lubes, which are safe for sensitive skins and for sensitivity of your vaginal flora.

2. Oil Based Lubricant

In case of oil based lubricants always remember one thing that, never use an oil based lubricant with condoms. Oil based lube with condoms for men can actually cause the breakage of condom. So, for condoms water based or silicon based lubes are fine, but oil based lube is a NO. You can use oil based lube in the shower. When you are having sex in the shower and if you are using toys in the shower then, oil based lube is the best product for you. Because of the density of oil, lube will not wash off in the shower, so you can use oil based lube in that kind of situation.

3. Silicon Based Lubricants

Silicon lubricant is lube which you can use whenever or anytime. Silicone lubricants are safe to use and they do not cause any kind of irritations on your skin, but in case it does, we highly recommend removing it immediately. You can use silicon based lubricant whenever, expect for when you are using it with your sex toys. Sex toys are most commonly made of silicon and silicon based lube can damage your sex toy.

Why Lubricant Must For Lovemaking?

The major purpose of using lube during sex is to reduce pain caused by friction during penetration. Several factors can affect the wetness of the vagina and lube can promote wetness so you can engage in sex effortlessly without any pain. People of all ages can use the lubes and indulge in painless sex since warm sensations increase the sensitivity of the erogenous organs and allow both men and women to reach orgasms quickly.  We cannot justify how important lubricants are. It does not matter if you are wet or if you are not so wet, but use of lubricant is absolutely fantastic.

Lubricants are great for sex; it just simply gives more pleasure than normal sex.  Sex Lubricants help to prevent you from roughness, dryness and also from cuts and irritations. Lubrication also prevents the breakage of condoms. Lubricants are great for keeping your vaginal flora intact, and also not actually affecting it or making it prone to infection and dryness.80% of women said that when they use lubricant, sex becomes more pleasurable. Lubrication is also very important for vaginal health. Lubricants are very important for anal sex. As we all know anal sex is a little harder than vaginal sex, and with the help of lube, it is as smooth as SILK!

Is Lubricant Safe To Use?

Not only is a lubricant safe to use, It is actually a necessity to have one included in your sexy times. Lubricants are not harmful for our skin, but in some cases if it does then wash it immediately. In fact lubrication increases the pleasure of whole intimacy. You can use condoms with lube except from oil based lubes. Lubrication minimises the friction, increases the arousal, and enhances feeling with sex enhancers.

It should be kept in mind to not put anything down there that smells or tastes like candy. It is high in sugar with a lot of flavour, and those kinds of lubricants are made for oral sex. When you are having a dry mouth and you are not able to actually have a smooth oral sex,

Overall, it's important to read the ingredients of the lubricant you're planning to use to ensure that it's safe for its intended purpose and it does not cause any allergic reactions.

Lubricant vs Oil vs Cream?

Most of the people end up using oil or cream in place of a lubricant. The experts recommend using a lubricant because there is a chance that oil or cream will alter the vaginal pH. Oil  has the ability to trap bacteria making it easier for infections and reactions to come about.

Top Selling Lubricant at Cupidbaba

1. Playboy Flavored Lubricants

These Playboy Flavored Lubricants are available in flavours such as orange, peach, cherry, water melon, apple, caramel, strawberry etc. and are perfect for oral sex.

2. Moi Tingling Lubricant

This Moi Tingling Lubricant helps in enhancing the orgasmic experiences and work as a lubricant.

3.  Moi Flavoured Lubricant

Moi lubricants are a great addition to your closet of sex if you want to have a better orgasm.

What Are Condoms?

Condoms are used for storing all the fluid that comes from men during sexual intercourse, so they are the only method of contraception that also protects you from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Men and women use different types of condoms. The male condoms are worn over the penis, while the female condoms sit inside the women's vagina with the M sticking out for easy removal. Condoms come in different sizes, shapes, textures, and scents so they can add some fun to the sex. Choosing a condom that you and your partner are comfortable with is important. Condoms are short-term methods of protection, so if you know that you don’t want a child any time soon and do not want any tricky method of contraceptive, always use a condom.

Some condoms have lubricants, to make them more comfortable during sex, while others do not have lubrication.

Non-Lubricants Condoms

Non-lubricants condoms can use with water-based lubricants. Never use Vaseline or other oil-based lubricants, as they will break down the condom. Remember to always be responsible to protect your health and your partner’s health and always use a condom. Most importantly it’s both man and woman’s responsibility to get and use condoms. Condoms are great for everyone from new relationships to married couples. Also, the people are being aware of using condoms with the Bollywood releasing movies like Helmet about Condom propagation, which carries a social message against overpopulation. You should try penis sleeve in place of condom.

Now Onto Busting Some Myths

• Some people think two condoms are better than one they’re wrong, wearing two condoms causes them to rub against one another and they are more likely to break.

• Condoms cannot get lost in the vagina. The vagina is a small contained area and there is no way to go but out, if a condom comes off it can remove by using a finger and pulling it out. 

• You don’t need a condom during anal sex, but in actual condoms should be used where ever there is an exchange of body fluids. So yes we need condoms for anal sex tool.

• Condoms don’t expire, but they do. So always check for the expiry date at the back of the condom.

Sex with a condom does feel different than sex without one, but it is not bad, as it can help the man to last longer during sex, and most importantly sex without worries about pregnancy always feels better.....

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