10 Frequency Tongue Licking USB Megnet Charging

10 Frequency Tongue Licking USB Megnet Charging

Model: WO00591

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Rs. 8787 Rs. 6351


Material:ABS+ Silicone

Product Size: 160-33-11

Colour: Rose red Purple/pink Power supply: USB charging

Maximum noise <50dbInput voltage:

Function: Vibration 10 frequency/Tongue lick 5 frequency

Packing list

Main body 1, cover 1 product instruction manual 1, USB charging cable *1


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1. Please read this product manual carefully before use, and use it in

accordance with the instructions in the manual.

2. Please charge the product for the first time. 3. This product is prohibited for use by minors under 18 years of age. 4. Please keep the product clean after use, do not use corrosive cleaners for cleaning

Charging instructions

This product uses USB power supply for charging

Input voltage: 3-7V, input current 1-2A Please use the charger with matching parameters for charging. Affect battery life or cause product damage

When the product is charging the product indicator light blinks, and when

fully charged, the indicator light is always on The product has a built-in current protection function. When charging, the product automatically enters the protection state, and the product is

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