Penguin Portable Wavy Eggs Male Masturbator

Penguin Portable Wavy Eggs Male Masturbator

Model: ME00361

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Length: 66mm

Width: 60mm


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Unwrap these silicone eggs and use the lube included to get them ready. Then slide yourself in and feel one of the best sensations you'll ever feel around your penis. As you feel the silky sensation from the ribbed spool of silicone silk slide over you, you'll start filling with delight. This masturbation eggs beyond imagination's outward appearance and lovely packaging, even women have hooked! This new product design thinking is aimed at the glans stimulation, the internal structure of the different -- protruding point type, wavy, cobweb type. High-quality elastic resin material not only has good flexibility and has more and the maiden skin are same soft tactility. Cleaning is simple and convenient, for fear of trouble you it is a good choice! As a gift must give him a sweet surprise


1. Provide the corrugated type of heavy socio-semiotic socio-semiotic package, soft continuous pleasure-like waves as rising; convex point type internal configuration a variety of protuberant stimulate point, provide fluctuation kneading, touch, and rotated stimulation; nets type internal filled with uninterruptedness stimulate outlets and provide 360-degree stimulation; - please cooperate with lubricant use!

2. The operation is simple, easy to carry,

3. For men masturbate, improve the male sex apathy, premature ejaculation, impotence on male adjutant therapy; etc.

4. Suitable for elderly function abate or long-term life of man; a barrier erratic husband and wife living in the intense desire, man, and the man divorced or celibacy, Particularly recommended for the high-quality life experience of the successful man.

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