Vimax Delay Spray For Men

Vimax Delay Spray For Men

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Prolonged sexual pleasure as ejaculation is delayed to a great extent. Shake the container well before every use. Wait for 15-20 minutes or little longer till it gets absorbed in your skin and now you are ready for penetration.


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For those men who are going through premature ejaculation, Vimax can make them enjoy a fulfilling sex and prolonged enjoyment in bed. Helps to hold the erection for a longer time and thus allows for a prolonged performance. Allows women to enjoy explosive orgasm as delayed ejaculation allows men to try various positions leading to multiple orgasms

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Rajendra Purohit on Nov 03, 2022

One of the best delay spray I have used. It helps me to stay longer in bed and also improves my sexual performance. The fragrance is also very sweet which definitely your partner will like.

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