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Condom & Lube, Sex Lubricant for Men


History of Condoms

The world's first condom was discovered by an English armed force doctor named Colonel “Quandom”, a colonel to King Charles 1 (1660-1685) and a doctor. He created condoms as a way to prevent unwanted pregnancy among animals and avoid illegitimate offspring. The word condom may have been most likely developed from a flawed way to express the last name of the doctor "Quandom".

Initially, condoms were manufactured using the digestive system (known as the cecum) of animals like sheep and goats. The manufacturing and worldwide sale of condoms that we see nowadays first took place utilizing liquid latex that occurred during the early 1930s. These Latex condoms had more prominent strength and longer life as they could last for up to 5 years or more. Afterward, during the 1960s condoms started to be manufactured from polyurethane material.


Starting from the early days till now, Condoms continue to be one of the safer and least demanding approaches to engaging in intercourse with someone without any risk of unwanted pregnancy and transmission of nasty STIs (Sexually transmitted infections and STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases). The effortlessness of using condoms with a partner and the confirmation of complete protection against unwanted factors is what makes it the most crucial product to use during sex all around the world.

In the ancient past, several contraceptives were utilized to guarantee safe sex, intercourse remains protected and couples can enjoy without caring about unwanted conception. It is difficult to believe that condoms that we use nowadays at midnight pleasure as a tool to avoid pregnancies and infections have been in existence for the last 400 years. In any case, it is not just all about as modern as what we as a whole society get now.

Importance of condoms and condom demand in India

However there are strategies to avoid the chances of getting infected with STDs and there are a lot more contraceptive alternatives available in the country, still, condom continues to be the 'top-choice and safest option with regards to safe sex without any risks of contraception chances and STD issues. The choices people can make are 


Sterilization permanently: - Suitable for couples who are married. Just for a niche section, not appropriate universally

Condom - Offers absolute protection and is simple to use while indulging in intimate relationships. There are no side effects (Except the individuals who have latex allergies or are allergic to polyurethane.)

Some issues couples may face while using condoms

Regardless of being the most secure alternative to avoid having any risks of STDs and accidental contraception, there are a few issues people may face as a result of which many couples are still not utilizing condoms. A portion of these issues include:

1) Condoms getting removed earlier than required during sexual activity

2) Late application 

3) Condom tearing off during sexual encounters

4) One-time use only

5) The condom slipping off during the activity

6) People allergic to latex have difficulty using the condoms

Buy Lube in India

Several popular brands offer personal lubricants in India and lubricants are easily available online on Cupidbaba.com in India. Before you buy a lube, it is up to you to decide which lube you want to buy whether it is a water-based lubricant that you need or silicone-based lube. Water-based lubricants are manufactured using water and they are most commonly used because of the smoothness they offer. After sex, it is easy to wash off the lube and ideal to use with condoms of various materials including latex, rubber, or polyurethane. 


The key to having great sex and effortless pleasure is by keeping the genitals lubricated properly and using sex positions that allow you to penetrate your partner’s erogenous body zones easily. So, how do you think you can keep your sex organs lubricated during sex? You need to use some good lube that does not dry up soon and leaves no stains behind.

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