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Top 15 Best Selling Sex Toys For Women In 2022 13

Now, the time has arrived where women can choose their sexual preferences, needs, or desires.

Sexual satisfaction is pivotal for men, but they are equally pivotal for women too. There is a study that says approximately 70% of women are not satisfied with their sexual life, which can become a big reason for their sleepless nights and extra-marital affairs. Therefore, Cupid Baba has come up with the best female sex toys or miles with sex toyto fulfil every woman’s unsatisfactory preference. It's time for her to break the stereotype. Now, the time has arrived when women can choose their sexual preferences, needs, or desires. Women can also play with whatever sex toys, whenever they want. Sex toys [Sexpielzeugare used for warming up for the big game. So if you are a guy, & love your girl so much, and you both wanna try a new thing to enhance the language of sexual intimacy between you both, then sex toys for women are the perfect gift. Be sure to share it with your partner.


There are so many options available in the market, which can be confusing what to buy. We have come up with the top 15 best toys for women to choose from the Exclusive Cupidbaba Store:

·   Black Thunder light vibrating dildo: - The Black Thunder light dildo is the best dildo currently in the market. It looks like a real penis. It is made of silicone, which is safe for our skin. Black Thunderlight dildo has the perfect size and shape. It is an 8-inch long with 1.5 widths, the perfect size for your pleasure. The best part of the Thunder light dildo is that it works as a vibrator too.

·   Lipstick vibrator: The lipstick vibrator is like a small rocket in the pocket. The lipstick vibrator looks exactly like lipstick. Its discreet property makes it so famous in the adult market. The lipstick vibrator is not only working as a vibrator but also can be used as a messenger. It is so easy to carry and it’s like your small dirty secret, which you can hide so easily, and will be safe with forever.

·      Remote control vibrating capsule: - After watching 50 Shades of Grey, many couples fantasize about BDSM or teasing their partner. It comes with a wireless remote control so that you can have fun anytime, anywhere. One of the best things about this capsule is it is waterproof so you can use it, even while showering.

·      Rabbit vibrator: The rabbit vibrator is quite famous in the adult market. It has flexible movements; the rod of the body can bend around 45 degrees in any direction, so easily. One of the best qualities about the rabbit vibrator is that it does not make any kind of noise, and is discreet in use. It has a dual-motor process, which creates a rhythm that can bring a different kind of pleasure to your body or even to your mind.

·      Bluetooth jump vibrator: - This vibrator is best for couples. If you both are big fans of pleasure, then you must have this jump vibrator in your fantasized room. It works with Bluetooth on your phone, through which you can control the actions of the vibrator and simply tease your base.

·     Mini wand massager: - Massagers are a very important device for women. They not only fulfill your sexual desires but also help to relax your body. It is small in size, won’t cover much space in your storage box or your bag, easy to carry. This mini wand massager, like your intimate vibrator, provides intense pleasure but also relieves your muscle tension. It is like home therapy.

·      Lip mouth tongue vibrator: - It is a device used for foreplay effects. You can easily control this device with the help of a finger. With the help of this device, you can tease yourself near the nipples and labia. It gives you different kinds of sensations.

·        Power bullet speed vibrator: - Power bullet speed vibrator is the perfect product, which works both as a vibrator and also, as a massager. It helps to relax your clitoral and G-spot muscles. It is in perfect shape for G-spot stimulations. It is very easy to handle and carry. And also it works on n battery, no need to worry if its battery dies.

·        Panty vibrator: - Panty vibrators are so much fun. In recent years, they have become so famous in the market, if you don’t have these panties, put them in your 2022 list. Because it gives you strong vibrations which can provide you the pleasure or fun you are missing. In relationships, it is like a fun game, which ultimately helps to increase passion and love.

·       Dual vibrator: A dual vibrator gives you butterflies all over your body. It is super functional, and its dual functions help to reach your G-spot and clitoris, which helps to reach your sensitive point and go deeper.

·      Harness hollow strap with dildo: - It is a perfect product for the lesbian community. It comes with a leather strap, with a silicone-based dildo attached to it, for deep pleasure.

·    Multi-speed vibrator dildo: - This product looks so much like a real erect male penis. This product is for everyone, whether you are a new buyer or a pro, this dildo is the ultimate product to satisfy every woman. This product has multi-speed vibration control, which enhances its beauty.

·       10-inch dildo: - This product is a real beauty with beast qualities. It comes with a suction cup, which gives it a more realistic look. Made of pure silicone, and fully flexible. It is perfect for your powerful solo orgasm.

·        Corn dildo: A corn dildo adds so much to your normal masturbation. Its corn-like structure gives you very strong vibrations. It is waterproof so that you can even use them during your shower time.

·       Pink jelly transparent dildo: - It has a smooth jelly-like structure, which can go easily inside you. Made of 100% silicon/TPE material. It is a non-vibrator, dildo, with a suction cup at the bottom of the dildo.


All these products are safe to use and they are made of 100% silicone, no toxic products are used. You can buy all these products on one site cupidbaba.com super easy to buy with proper guidelines and you can also Call/Whatsapp us at +91- 82646 36041. Go and check Cupid Baba's official website for not only the best women's sex toys but all kinds of sex toys for your pleasure.

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