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Top 10 sex toys for men you can buy now! 14

Male sex not only helps you to unlock your pleasure but also provides you the satisfaction that you have been craving. 

Sex & fantasies & The word F always creates excitement in our mind. With each passing day, people are getting more comfortable with the idea of experimenting with their needs and desires. Along with women, men are now also getting fond of using toys for fun..  actually too much fun!!!  Male sex toys are for all types of guys. We already knew that the profusion of male sex toys is very low as compared to women, but it does not mean that you can’t find your perfect one.

Male sex not only helps you to unlock your pleasure but also provides you with the satisfaction that you have been craving. Male sex toys have changed the whole dynamics of masturbation. They are like a bonus point to your game. The best thing about male sex toys is that they also add numerous fun and spice to your sex life with your partner. Sex toys whether they are male or female, work as the best stress relievers for a boosted immune system. 

Now let’s dive into the top 10 male sex toys, which every guy loved & you can buy right away:


Masturbators are also known as “pocket pussies” or “fleshlight”. In recent years masturbators have exploded in the terms of popularity. Now just imagine masturbation with hands is so freaking amazing, how about adding a toy that doubles the pleasure of your jerking sessions. Isn’t it pretty amazing?  Masturbators are so realistic in looking but also in feeling. The best part is that their outer structure is very discreet; no one will know what’s inside that box on your night table.

Cock rings

Cock rings are also known as “penis rings”. Cock rings are much-underrated sex toys but in reality, they have so many benefits for both the person; the one who is wearing them, and the other who might play with them. Cock rings help to have a full and firm erection and also help you maintain the erection for longer. Cock rings are the best product for people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction problems because they help you stay hard before you reach the climax. 

Anal vibrator

The anus is a very sensitive area because many nerves ending are located around the anus. Anal vibrators produce vibrating sensations in your rectum for pleasure. Anal vibrators are small in both length and width. If you are a beginner, do not start with vibrations.

Butt plugs

Butt plugs are perfect options for beginners. As we already knew that our aunt is a sensitive part of the body, so all anal toys will work like magic. Butt plugs are designed in a way that makes easy insertion and stays in place because of the anchor at the bottom. Butt plugs are usually small in size. They penetrate the nerves and give you extreme sensations.

Penis pumps

Penis pumps are also known as “vacuum erection pumps”. The penis pump creates a vacuum inside the chamber which stretches the penis and draws the blood into the chamber. Penis pumps should be used around 15-20 minutes before the action and for longer erection, use penis rings along with them. Penis pumps are a great solution for people who suffer from ED.

Prostate massager

If you love to stimulate your P-spot then; a prostate massager is the toy you are looking for. Prostate massagers are becoming more mainstream since guys are beginning to recognize the benefits of massage and how pleasurable it feels to experience a full-body prostate orgasm. In recent studies, doctors are recommending to men use more prostate massagers in their regular life for healthy health. 

Anal beads

Anal beads are one of the most simple and effective male sex toys. Anal beads are a very competitive sex toy for couples. If you are someone who loves double penetrations, then you must try anal beads once. When you gently pull out the beads, he will experience the ultimate climax. Anal beads are a great start for beginners.

Penis sleeves

Penis sleeves are a multi-action toy. They work as reusable condoms, but mostly penis sleeves are designed to give girth and extra size to your penis. If you are someone who suffers from small dick problems, penis sleeves are the solution for you. The realistic look and design help to stimulate your partner and help you to overcome fears of not being able to satisfy your partner.

Sex dolls

Sex dolls are here to withstand your loneliness. Sex dolls are a little expensive but worth every single penny. They are beautifully manufactured; their boobs, hips, waist, and beautiful face every feature is so realistic. Every guy must have sex dolls in their wardrobe, for their hidden fantasy. 

Chastity cage

Chastity cage is a BDSM toy. If you love to get submissive by your partner then you must try these cages. They are designed to prevent the wearer from getting an erection. 

So Guys, this Valentine' shower yourself with extra love and pleasure and passion with a little bit of pain with these toys only from CupidBaba!!  Some of these toys you can use for solo pleasure whereas some you can use in a couple of sessions. To make your love session better, safe, and kinky you must give try male toys because I don’t see any reason not to explore your pleasure and sexuality.

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