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The Best Sex Toys for Couples Will Make Doing It Even More Awesome 16

Discover the ultimate collection of sex toys for couples, designed to intensify passion and satisfaction. Explore new heights of pleasure with our top-rated products and enhance your intimate experiences

The most excellent sex toys for couples will spice up your paired sex life, regardless of how daring you and your partner(s) are. However, you don't need to be told that: The fact that you've found your way here indicates that you've thankfully progressed past the antiquated, erroneous belief that even the best sex toys for couples somehow suggest that you (or your sex life) is lacking in some way. That's great. No shame is associated with utilising these products, even if your time spent between the sheets needs to be increased.

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Why use sex toys together as a couple?

The main reason is that they're enjoyable and satisfying. Sex toys encourage experimentation and playfulness, true to their name. Sure, there's a lot you can do with just your two bodies, but adding toys to the mix significantly increases your options. It seems fantastic to exit the traditional method, but aren't you wondering what else is possible?

The "orgasm gap," in which women statistically experience fewer orgasms than men during sex, mainly because intercourse doesn't provide continuous clitoral stimulation, is another reason to introduce devices. Using a sex toy is a fantastic way to overcome this.

How can couples use sex toys together?

To improve their sexual encounters and spice up their private times, couples can utilise sex toys in various ways. Here are a few ideas:


Open and honest communication is essential. Talk to your spouse about your wants, boundaries, and dreams. Ensure you and your partner are at ease and agree to include sex toys in your shared experiences.

Shop together: 

Go to a sex store or surf the web for toys that catch your eye. You can examine several possibilities and discuss what interests you during this bonding activity.

Begin slowly: 

It is frequently wisest, to begin with something easy and beginner-friendly if you and your partner are new to utilising sex toys together. For instance, a male partner could wear a vibrating ring while having sex to satisfy both people.

Foreplay and stimulation: 

Sex toys can be used during pre-stimulation to increase arousal and enjoyment. For instance, tickling each other's erogenous areas with a feather tickler or vibrating device might be a fun method to increase anticipation.

Mutual masturbation: 

Watch and enjoy yourself simultaneously, adding toys. You can experiment with playing with toys on each other or yourself while maintaining eye contact and closeness.

Fantasy and role-playing: 

Include sex toys in role-playing or fantasy settings. This may require using accessories like shackles, blinkers, or toys that fit the desired character or scene.

Sensation play: 

Experiment with toys that emphasise various sensations, such as temperature or light impact play. A feather tickler, massage candles, or ice cubes can augment sensory experiences and produce unusual feelings.

Mutual exploration: 

Alternately use toys to explore each other's bodies. Use a vibrating or massaging device on your partner's erogenous areas, or allow them to give you a toy to enjoy. To ensure everyone's enjoyment, remember to interact and offer feedback.

The critical thing to keep in mind is to approach using sex toys as a pair with honesty, respect, and trust. Putting each other's comfort and enjoyment first throughout the event is crucial.

The best toys to start with:

1. Butt Plugs: 

Butt plugs are frequently used for anal gratification, particularly by women who lack a male partner for penetrating anal intercourse. Butt plugs allow women to enjoy anal sex on their own. Users can select from a variety of textures and sizes for butt plugs. Wider-shaped butts are designed for experienced users only since they provide a painful form of pleasure. Butt plugs require practice before they can be enjoyed. Butt plugs might initially be uncomfortable, especially for people with sensitive anals. Butt plugs can be inserted independently or with a partner's assistance. Butt Plus need some level of experience to enjoy.

2. FTM Prosthetics: 

FTM (Female-to-Male) packers hold a unique place, especially for transgender individuals and their partners. Unlike conventional toys, FTM packers for trans have a deeply personal form of intimacy and affirmation of gender identity for trans men, enhancing the emotional and physical connection between partners. These packers come in various shapes, sizes, and levels of realism, allowing individuals to choose what feels most comfortable and authentic for them. While other toys like vibrators or rings focus on stimulating specific erogenous zones, FTM packers cater to a broader emotional spectrum, strengthening the bond between partners by honoring personal identity and comfort. 

3. Strap-on Dildo: 

A strap-on dildo is a penetrating adult device intended to be worn with a harness and used hands-free during sexual activity. There are countless variations of harnesses and dildos. Dildos that may be used with ties or in a harness are mentioned in the ancient Indian sex treatise known as the Kama Sutra. This is most likely the first time a strap-on dildo has been said. These strap-on dildos differ in how the harness is worn, where it fits the wearer, how the dildo is fastened to the harness, and whether or not they have other features that might increase pleasure during foreplay and intercourse. The same may be said about strap-on dildos and harnesses. 

With the ability to wear it around their waist and insert it into their partner's vagina or anus, lesbian partners can penetrate each other without using their hands. This enables individuals to enjoy anal and vaginal pleasure comfortably. This dildo is appropriate for foreplay and intercourse. The belt is made of soft material that is kind to your skin. There are specialised dildo belts that allow users to use their standard dildo while enjoying a hands-free experience.

4. BDSM Kit: 

You want to have a sexual adventure. "Why not?" Bondage sex is not a novel method to experience sex. But it has just recently become more well-known. 

Being the enslaver or the enslaved person gives you two exciting possibilities when having sex with your partner. Whatever decision you make, excitement and sensuality will be at their height. 

Consider assembling a BDSM kit to try BDSM activities with a partner. A simple BDSM kit could contain the following items:


Handcuffs, bondage tape, rope, or other bondage restraints are examples of conditions. Ensure the restraints you select are secure and cosy, and feature a quick-release system for simple removal.


A blindfold can heighten sensory sensations by reducing vision and raising anticipation. It can improve partner vulnerability and trust.

Spanking tools: 

Spanking can be a joint action in BDSM. You can use tools like a paddle, flogger, or riding crop for mutual impact play. Start with softer strokes and gradually increase the intensity per your partner's preference.

Sensory toys: 

Various toys can explore diverse textures and sensations during sensory play. To tease and stimulate the senses, consider introducing feather ticklers, Wartenberg wheels (small wheels with spikes), or soft brushes.

Nipple clamps: 

By gently applying pressure on the nipples, nipple clamps can produce pleasant sensations. Select clamps with a pressure adjustment range and ensure they include a safety release mechanism.

Ball gag: 

A ball gag can be used for dominance games and sensory deprivation. It limits the wearer's ability to talk and might give your BDSM activities a sense of power exchange. Start with more straightforward jokes and progress as needed.

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