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How to use sex toys to reach mind-blowing orgasms? 02

In very normal words, orgasm is a feeling you get when you are at the peak of sexual excitement, which comes with muscle contraction and physical pleasure in your genitals.

Let me tell you, orgasm is something that will make your partner addicted to you and if you don’t have a partner then no worries, add sex toys into your masturbation process, they will double-fold the whole experience. After all, when we all have our little me time, we don’t have to worry ore that extensive foreplay, just a few here and there and then the main action, ride to the ultimate orgasm. Firstly, let’s guide you with some information although, an accurate definition or explanation of orgasm still discontinues to exist, here’s all information you need to know about to achieve an orgasm or even a squirting orgasm.

What is an orgasm?

In very normal words, orgasm is a feeling you get when you are at the peak of sexual excitement, which comes with muscle contraction and physical pleasure in your genitals. Your body releases tension and oxytocin. The perineal muscles, anal sphincter, and reproductive organs rhythmically contract. According to research, during an orgasm, "endorphins are released into the bloodstream and these chemicals might make you feel happy, warm, sleepy, flushed, giddy or excited."Indeed orgasm is an extraordinary feeling of sexual pleasure.

Difference between male and female Orgasms:

The difference between male and female orgasms, guys will usually ejaculate when reaching orgasm and females will experience vaginal wall contractions. Females may also ejaculate during sexual activity or when experiencing an orgasm. The length of a woman's orgasm is longer compared to male orgasm. Female lasts 20 sec or more and most men last around 3 to 10 seconds, but men have more orgasm. According to an Australian study, men have an orgasm in 95% of their sexual encounters whereas women did only 69% of the time. Moreover, orgasm has less to do with gender and more with what kind of sex you are doing. During female stimulation, the blood vessels within the genitals dilate. As a result, it increased the blood supply caused by passing the fluid through the vagina, which makes the vagina all wet and swollen, and in male stimulation, orgasm can lead to an erection. Blood flows into the corpora which cause the penis to grow in size and become hard and rigid. 

How to reach an orgasm with sex toys:

For beginners, we understand playing with sex toys is risky but with the right guidance. Finding your spot is really important for your pleasure or to stimulate your orgasmic capacity. When you masturbate different nerves get activated and also different parts of the brain get activated too. So for our readers and clients, we have created a guideline on how they can stimulate their pleasure by following just a few steps; (for eg. you are using a vibrator)

Tease yourself

Always start with a little teasing game, tease your vulva or penis with the sex toy over the covered barriers whether it’s your sheets or your undergarments or any other layer. It will excite you, not that much but will initiate the game. If you knew some techniques try them, and play with vibrations. It will prepare your body for stronger simulations. Try to do different experiments with your partner (trying sex toys in public places), and rub the vibrator all over your body. Nipples are also a great root of stimulation; even the nerves of the nipples are connected to the lower portion, so in the way, you can get double stimulations.


After teasing, it’s time for action. Clit point is very important for orgasm, and using your sex toy at the clitoris is a kind of important step. Sex toys are designed to hit your g-spot without putting much effort. After a bit of teasing with the clitoris, labia, and vestibule; lubricate your toy with good lubrication and start penetrating. Toys can also be put the toy inside your genital and penetrate your vagina. At this point you can either use any vibrator or dildo it’s up to you.

Add foreplay: 

Whether you are masturbating or having experimented with your partner with sex toys, while you are penetrating try to do a little bit of foreplay or oral sex. It will enhance your pleasure. While masturbation you can play with your boobs or your neck or touch your weak spots (which you know better than anybody) at this point you can use two sex toys vibrator for all rubbing and a dildo for penetration or if you are playing with your partner a little bit of licking blow job, fingering along with vibrator or anal play will take you at the peak of excitement and that is what we are talking about. 

Sex toys you can use for ultimate orgasm:

There is no particular toy that can make you experience the ultimate orgasmic pleasure. All sex toys are a great way of orgasmic pleasure; whether it is a dildo, vibrator, massager, anal toy, and all others. These are three simple steps you need to remember for a mind-blasting orgasm. You can follow these steps with almost every single sex toy. They all are designed in a way to hit your G or P spot. So don’t worry about choosing the toy, pick a toy and experience the heaven of orgasm. Here are three sex toys, which will never let you down in case of orgasm.

Rabbit vibrators

All vibrators are great! However, if we have to choose one, that will be a rabbit vibrator always. The preference for rabbit vibrators is well-founded, given their versatile design and ability to provide enhanced pleasure. Despite the versatility of all vibrators, the rabbit vibrator stands out for its unique features. These innovative devices typically incorporate both internal and external stimulation elements, offering a more comprehensive and satisfying experience. They are perfect for G-spot and clitoris orgasm. You can penetrate both spots one by one or together for double stimulations, it is totally up to you. That is why rabbit vibrators are considered superior among all other vibrators they double the orgasm. Steps you need to follow for an amazing orgasm:

  • Clean your vibrator and then apply a good lubricant for a smooth experience.
  • After lubrication, insert the lower part of the vibrator inside of you and the upper rabbit ear part will stimulate your clit. In this way, you will have very intense and strong vibrations.
  • You can also use a rabbit ear to stimulate your nipples too. In this way, you can feel a very intense orgasm.

Dildo vibrators

Dildos are the next thing compared to the real penis you can have. Dildos are of many shapes and sizes and in different materials. If you are using a dildo there is no way you are not orgasmic. Dildo vibrators are very easy to use but will give you 100% of satisfaction. 

  • Again, firstly clean and lubricate your dildo. (dildos are made of many different materials so use the lube accordingly)
  • Tease yourself a little, arouse yourself, and after that insert the dildo inside your vulva or anus, and penetrate yourself or your partner. Always start slow and then slowly focus on your pleasure.
  • Dildo vibrators are remote control, and the addition of a suction cup is always helpful so that you can enjoy hand-free penetration. That’s it, in a few minutes, you will experience an ultimate orgasm.

Prostate massager

Prostate orgasm is an unbelievably powerful whole-body non-ejaculatory orgasm, which men can experience. The prostate is the G-spot in men and men need to massage their prostate. Follow the below steps carefully and enjoy the orgasm as if you had before. 

  • The First step is the same for almost every single sex toy. Clean the toy and properly lubricate the massager 
  • Prepare your anus with a little bit of rubbing and lube, so that your anus is ready to accept a probe.
  • After prep, gently insert the massager into your anus and switch on the vibrations. The outer part of your prostate massager will stimulate the area between the anus and your testicles the perineum. 
  • While the massager is doing its work, little play with your penis will double the orgasm; whether you are masturbating or involving your partner. 

For a better orgasm with sex toys we recommend you to always you lot of lube and communicate with your partner (if you using it with your partner) set the mood, play some slow music light up the candles and relax the process.

Now you all are girded with the all information you are looking for to have an amazing orgasm, now what are you waiting for, visit our site Cupidbaba.com. You can find an amazing range of toys of your choice & need at Cupidbaba.com that will never let you down from experiencing the joy of orgasm.  

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