How to Use a Sex Doll: Tips & Advice to Have Sex with a Doll

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How to Use a Sex Doll: Tips & Advice to Have Sex with a Doll 08

Delve into a comprehensive guide on how to sex with sex dolls. Discover techniques, tips on how to engage sensually, explore desires with your lifelike companion

Sex dolls are human-sized, lifelike dolls explicitly made for couple sex. They are usually made from silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) to mimic the feel of human skin. Some modern versions allow for customization of their features, looks, and personality aspects. These dolls have become increasingly popular for various reasons, including therapy, companionship, and sexual fulfillment.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Sex Doll for Yourself:

When it comes to buying a sex doll, there are several choices to consider:

  • Size, Body Type, and Gender
  • Skin Tone: Features of the Face
  • Colour of Hair

Here are a few things you might not have thought about: Do you want your sex doll to be able to stand on its own two feet? Is the vagina supposed to be fixed or removable? While the latter is considerably easier to clean, the former is more realistic.

Opening And Putting Together Your Sex Doll

  1. Most firms go above and beyond to ensure your package shows up discretely. You'll most likely need to assemble certain things. Remain calm. It's easy and quick.
  2. The head and torso will most likely be separate. For a secure shipment, use that. It is straightforward to attach. The box probably contains a wig. Make sure to check for any extras you bought, such as cleaning supplies, lubricants, and a vaginal/anal flush kit.

How To Use a Sex Doll:

The main event is about to happen. Everything is set for your doll to go. How do you begin? We'll go over the different performances you can do.

Vaginal Sex with Sex Dolls

  • Think about three things first. Which role are you interested in trying out? How much lubricant is required? Where do you plan to end up?
  • Try any common sex position with your mobile sex doll, precisely like you would with a natural person. You can go missionary, doggy-style, whatever.
  • Naturally, you will do most of the "heavy lifting" if you wish to attempt different positions, such as having the doll on top of or against the wall. The same holds if you want to be penetrated by a doll that has a penis.

Anal Sex With Sex Doll

  • Enjoy anal sex if your doll is designed for it! However, go carefully as well. Use a lot of the necessary lubricant. Entry may be difficult, and conditions will be tighter.
  • Remember that the goal is to be as accurate as you can. The only thing lacking will be those seductive whimpers that reveal pleasurable groans.

Oral Sex with Sex Doll

  • Men, good news! You and your doll can engage in realistic oral sex. Through the use of sex dolls, engineers have unlocked the secret to producing incredibly lifelike verbal sex encounters. It will require some lubricant.
  • Sadly, women who want oral from their dolls aren't quite as fortunate. It's not a feature that most dolls have. Still, you can balance your doll on your lap and masturbate. It is also possible for men and women to pretend to give their dolls oral sex. This enhances the fantasy immensely.

Additional Activities To Do With Your Doll

  • Some clients may use their doll for sex, clean it up, and store it until they need it again. Some people enjoy crafting a complete encounter.
  • You may dress up your doll in various wigs and clothing, and you can even make up whole scenarios to act out. Some even treat their dolls as companions and leave them outside.

Sex Doll Care And Cleaning

Your doll will last for many years if you take care of it. Cleaning your doll after making love to it is necessary, but it's made simple using sex toy cleaner spray. In any case, but mainly if you decide to ejaculate inside your doll, do this.

  • Wipe the doll clean after cleaning it. Once it is scorched, cover the surface with a layer of talcum powder.
  • Ensure the doll's limbs are appropriately stretched before it is packed with clear plastic wrap.
  • You must first fill the storage box with stuffing if storing horizontally. Ensure that the doll's entire body is adequately shielded.
  • To store the doll, place a light blanket or a thin piece of plastic wrap over its surface. Avoid putting the doll in direct contact with the air.
  • Make sure to cover the doll with enough apparel.

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