Here Are The Top 10 Sex Toys for Couples to Have a First Romantic Night Together

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Here Are The Top 10 Sex Toys for Couples to Have a First Romantic Night Together 07

Top 10 Sex Toy for Couples: Guide to BDSM bondage toys & Adult Play

No matter how long you and your partner are together or how many nights or days you have spent together, the first night after your wedding and honeymoon period hits different. It has passion, adventure, and the feeling of newness, believe sex feels more intense after a wedding with your loved one. Now imagine adding extra spices to the most intensely active period of your sexual life. 

Honeymoon Sex Toys For The First Night

Honeymoon time sex has something different in it, couples are excited about everything, and they will hesitate once if they want to try BDSM couple sex toys during their honeymoon time (FYI: you can do these whenever you want, no matter the phase of your relationship going on), but newlywed couples are way more excited than normal times. There are plenty of options for couples’ fun on their honeymoon with honeymoon sex toys. Talk with your partner and according to your comfortable state, you can try the below-given toys for your first night.

Top Selling Toys for your Honeymoon period

With these toys, you can make phase your sexual life honeymoon time:


Handcuffs are the perfect start for beginners. They have the kink but not too much, the perfect amount to add excitement to your first night. They are the ideal combination of soft and hard together; soft silicone or fur material with metal or leather polishing and very easy to put on and remove so you don’t have to waste much time.

Bullet Vibrator

Carrying a bullet vibrator with you is a must-couple sex toy. honeymoon is all about lovey-dovey romance and sex is very spontaneously and it can happen anytime, even you are out roaming in the market or eating in a restaurant and for that time you needed to be prepared so carry amazing bullet vibrators with you stimulate your partner (PS: we are encouraging for public sex, it is illegal, but sex toys alternative is fine to go.

Spanking Paddles

Imagine your partner saying it loud ‘spank me harder’, these three words will drive you nuts. Spanking is painful but at the same time it gives a great orgasm if you hit at the right place, I know many of you to be like, we can spank with your hands, but bro the sensations going to generate by spanking a paddle are double triple against your hand and also you don’t want to your all energy on spanking, so do get yourself a spanking paddle.

Kegel Balls

It is time to live your 50 shades fantasy and if you say to don’t yourself as Christian Grey and Anna, I am sorry, I am not going to believe you. Kegel balls are small silicon balls with different structures, which will enhance your libido and aroused you. So, my fellow newlywed couples must give them a try.

Penis Rings

On your first night, you don’t want to be done soon. For a longer and better time, simply put on a penis ring and enjoys your amazing night. It will delight all your sexual experience; because a longer and better erection is all dreamed of on your first night.

Chastity Cage

Kegel balls are for the female partner, but what about guys; Chastity is the ideal toy for my ladies. Ladies put them on your partner and tease your partner as much as you want and they are not able to do anything. It is quite fun.


Nothing can beat BDSM play when it comes to taking your sexual relationship to next level. Tying your partner in various positions and doing different ticking and teasing with your partner will hit another level. Bind your partner and you can also use different sex toys.

Anal Beads

After all these stimulations did in your female partner, try some on your male partner too, and they’re nothing better than anal beads. When you are going pull out each bead slowly out from your men’s butt, he going to feel a great orgasm and that will be amazing.

Butt Plug

Time for some dual action, when you are doing vaginal stimulation to your partner try to butt plug into your partner’s butt cave. You both are going to experience great stimulation at the same time but from different places. Anal toys are amazing couples’ sex toys.


At last, don’t forget to put a multi-tasker massager in your bag; because when you are done with your all stimulations and positions, you do need something to relax your muscle which also works as a great clitoral and all body stimulator.

If you are worried about how to carry them and where you can buy great quality sex toys, further we have the solution for them too.

Doing sexual intercourse publicly might be illegal but you can carry toys all around to world without any trouble, so don’t stress much just put all these toys in a bag of kink and enjoy. Next from where to buy, visit Cupidbaba, an amazing place of all amazing sex toys with quality and grantee. Visit once and have all your collection there. They are the best in the market and want to ship great to your hotel, they provide shipping all over India discreetly, so again don’t worry enjoy a night of pleasure.

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