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Are Vibrators Safe To Use For Pregnant Women? 07

Sex toys like vibrators are safe to use, but before you insert something inside your vagina checking a few things

During pregnancy there is a flood of hormones; sometimes you feel like killing someone or sometimes it’s like you need someone to hug and cry and let’s just not talk about sexual hormones (oxytocin) they are on another level. Sometimes you want just normal loving romance and sometimes oh boy, they unleash your inner devil, and you want more than just normal stimulation and for that time, a vibrator can be your best buddy.

If you are wondering using a sex toy or doing masturbation is okay if you are expecting. Well, the good news is, that it is safe to use a vibrator or masturbate unless you have high-risk pregnancy or chances of premature delivery. Even doctors themselves suggest being sexually active because everything that feels good to you is good for your baby too and sex can help you in times of dilation.

So, if you are thinking of doing it, we recommend you concern your doctor first and cont. according to your condition. It is good to be safe and concerned after all a whole human is growing inside you.

The release of oxytocin is very important often known as love released hormone. These hormones are used for orgasm and can trigger your emotional thoughts, stronger bonding, and better maternal instincts. These emotions are important for a healthy relationship, and they make it better before and after delivery. During pregnancy hormones play different roles, and they defiantly not cooperate with them, in that oxytocin can play a vital role in keeping your relationship strong. And if you don’t have a partner, you can make yourself happy in general.

Does Using a Vibrator During Pregnancy Pose Any Risks?

Sex toys like vibrators are safe to use, but before you insert something inside your vagina checking a few things isn’t bad, especially in this condition. Using a vibrator isn’t different from than penis. The mechanical action of both penis and vibrator going in or out and hitting the cervix or G-spot; in fact, vibrators can feel much better than a real penis.

Here Are Some Tips For You If You Are Using A Vibrator In Pregnancy:

1. Firstly, consult with your doctor. If you are willing to get more sexually active, then you need to clear everything up with your doctor. Do not hide anything from them, ask for everything because it is for your own and your child’s safety. If you have anything like a ruptured membrane of placenta previa, a vibrator is a big NO. Don’t feel any kind of embarrassment; talking to your doctor is the best option.

2. If your doctor has put you on pelvic rest, then everything is off the table. In pelvic rest, nothing goes inside your vagina, not even your penis. Other than that, you are safe to try them.                                    

3. There are no specific things like external stimulation or internal stimulation that are safe. Both clitoris rub and internal stimulations are safe.

4. Make sure you use a skin-friendly material-made vibrator. Silicone or TPE-made vibrators are safe to use.

5. Always clean your vibrator and use good lubrication. And storage in the right place is also important.


• Condition, where cervical incompetence or premature cervix (where the cervix is slightly open) is a concern, the use of a vibrator, may rupture the membrane and give entry to bacteria. It can cause you some infection.

• If you are having twins or triplets or have a history of premature delivery or have certain uterine abnormalities again vibrator in general is a no. Because here vibrator isn’t the problem, but the orgasm is. Orgasm can release chemical prostaglandins and it can cause you some trouble.

• Even if you don’t have any of these problems, make sure you clean your toy properly with sex toy cleaner because a dirty vibrator can carry bacteria and you don’t want a type of bacterial infection again.

• If you bleed (a very small amount) after sexual intercourse or use a vibrator is normal. It happens because there is an increased supply of blood to your cervix and after stimulation, the cervix becomes more sensitive, and it may release some of it. However, if it is more than 48 hours, then it is more than spotting and you contact your doctor immediately.

Again, sexual penetration is safe during pregnancy, but consulting your doctor is mandatory, by this, you can know your conditions and enjoy penetrations freely. To make it more fun, do it with protection and precautions. There is no specific type of vibrator you need during pregnancy, all types of vibrators; remote, manually are good to go but only at medium speed. Being safe is very important in sexual intercourse and just like that you need to be a little extra careful during pregnancy time is good. Get yourself the best quality vibrators made with full concern for hygiene in the market at the Cupidbaba store. You can visit their online store www.cupidbaba.com for the best products. They do not compromise the safety of the product, because their products are for everyone.

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