Silicone Gay Enema Nozzle Anal Sex Toy

Silicone Gay Enema Nozzle Anal Sex Toy

Model: WO00567

Availability: Only 1 left

Rs. 3155 Rs. 2289


Type: Sex Toy

Material: Silicone

Color: Black

Sex: Female ; Gay

Applications: Bedroom, hotels, bathtub, pool, clubs


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The Silicone Douche works just like any other douche. Simply fill the bulb with warm water, apply a little anal lube, insert the tip, and then squeeze the water out. Repeat the process until the water is completely clean to prepare for playtime. Try douching in the shower or bathtub for easy cleanup. The silicone douche can be used for both vaginal and anal douching. For hygienic purposes, you should never use the douche anally and then vaginally without cleaning it thoroughly first. Make sure the tip and bulb are completely dry before reassembling them for next time.

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