Vibrating Anal Beads Massager

Vibrating Anal Beads Massager

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Batteries: 2 AAA batteries Colors: Pink Features: Textured Battery Operated Vibrating Length: 3.0 inch Material: Jelly


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When you are crazy about anal fun, then vibration anal massager is best one that you can rely on. This anal massager can help you get powerful climaxes by stroking your sensitive anal tissues.This can be used as a masturbating device and alternatively can also be used along with your partner for shared enjoyment. This can be used by both men and women and either individually or together.

Customer reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Vipul Sharma on Mar 31, 2022

My girlfriend was always hesitant about anal. But it was her idea to buy this vibrating anal bead with some lube, and she absolutely loves it. The quality is excellent -- it is smooth and holds lube well. The design is great as you can insert it all the way in and it sits neat, allowing other areas to the receive attention. According to her, it's not painful and is extremely pleasant to use.

Deepika Chauhan on Jun 09, 2022

I love this product. Exactly what I expected. It's a small, yet powerful device. Both my boyfriend and I have enjoyed using it.

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