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A Brief Overview of Women's Vibrators

Recent studies that more than 73% of women who are sexually active today are not satisfied with their sex lives. Therefore we have come up with the best sex toys that women can buy to realize their sexual fantasies and enjoy the pleasure of sexual delights that sex toys can bring to life. It is time for young women to take control of their lives break the barriers and get what they deserve like orgasms and explore their sexuality. For several decades women have been objectified by men but now the time has come as women can claim their sexual rights open up about their sexual preferences and use sex toys whenever they want.


 There are so many types of female vibrator available in the online sex toy store of Cupidbaba, which can make your night super adventurous. Finding your happiness does not make you selfish putting yourself and your happiness first is part of self-love. And having an orgasm makes everyone happy, everyone wants a good orgasm. Vibrators from Cupidbaba can only add spark to your sex life, whether it is solo or with a partner. Most people feel they have a perfect relationship with their partner, so why mess up things by adding all this stuff, always remember when you can have more. Why settle for less? And with all these best quality toys, you can fulfill all your fantasies.

In the beginning, you may feel shy, but when you start feeling their tips stimulating your clitoris, you will find the pleasure you have been missing. Vibrators are so easy to use, you only have to switch on the button and set your mode and you are all set to feel the pleasure between your legs.  Owing vibrators may give you a message of sometimes finding your happiness is also good. You can and at any age explore your hidden fantasies and use our products to achieve that blissful feeling that too at your comfort & safety.

Various Types Of Vibrator For Women

1. Rabbit Vibrators

Sex Shopping Items for Women from Sex Toys Superstore!
These types of vibrators for women are fitted with bunny-like ears on their top that is used to stimulate the clitoris while the primary unit is penetrating and vibrating inside your vagina. It has been quite the most loved kind of sex toy among all vibrators available on Cupidbaba.com for ladies. With its bunny ears, it gives double pleasure; twofold stimulation is dual fun. Some of the vibrators are featured with double motors, one for the principal unit and a different vibratory mechanism in one for the ears.

2. Realistic Vibrator

We could not understand the significance of the visual portrayal of the toy anymore and in case you also believe the same way then you can add this product to your stockpile of sex toys in the bedroom as well as this is the best vibrator for you. This range of vibrators looks like a real penis that vibrates and comes with ridges and a thicker shaft. So presently you can satisfy yourself with a penis that is never going to ejaculate prematurely and will make your brain go crazy.

3. Remote Control Vibrators

Nowadays you must have noticed that everything is remotely controlled such as air conditioning, and TV sets and you must be wondering why not vibrators. These days vibrators are stacked with huge loads of the latest features like several vibration modes, heating mechanisms, rotating heads, and back-and-forth movements, and the most ideal approach to appreciate this load of highlights will be the inclusion of a remote unit. Most of these vibrators for Females are controlled with batteries and some you can even charge with a USB cable that kills any inconvenience of evolving batteries.

4. G-Spot Vibrators

G-spot is a small pea-sized sex organ inside your vagina that helps women to reach the best orgasms by stimulating the organ. For some women locating the G-spot could be a little difficult but it is not possible at all. The G-spot vibrators available on our online store are shaped with a little bend on one side so that when you penetrate your vagina with the vibrator the bent head aims towards your belly and it quickly stimulates your g-spot. The mind-blowing features that enable it to give you the best stimulation also make it a luxurious vibrator.

How To Use a Vibrator?

Vibrators are a pretty amazing tool to play with. You can use vibrators for foreplay, masturbation, couple fantasies,  long-distance couples or even pregnant women can also use vibrators. A few things to keep in mind are always helpful. As you already know vibrators come in various shapes and sizes with different vibrating sensations, so it will be helpful to study a vibrator according to your preference. Even if you read the instructions from the box, they can be very helpful too. If you are a virgin or a first-timer, we suggest you start slowly. Run the vibrator all over your body, and get to know about all the sensations you will feel while getting aroused. Then after some time, when you will get to know your body and what you like, slowly take the process to another level.

  1. Clean the vibrator with antibacterial soap or toy cleaner and dry it properly.
  2. Lube the vibrator nicely.
  3. First, start with the foreplay, rub the vibrator all over the body, nipples neck, and other erogenous parts.
  4. After that run, the vibrator to your clit, gets aroused, and then slowly pushes inside your vagina and penetrates. If you penetrate deeply you can also hit your G-spot.
  5. When you had your orgasm, again wash your vagina and vibrator, dry it nicely, and store it in a box.
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