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Vibrators for Women Online IN India

Recent studies that more than 73% of women who are sexually active today are not satisfied with their sex lives. Therefore we have come up with the best sex toys that women can buy to realize their sexual fantasies and enjoy the pleasure of sexual delights that sex toys can bring to life. It is time for young women to take control of their lives break the barriers and get what they deserve like orgasms and explore their sexuality. For several decades women have been objectified by men but now the time has come as women can claim their sexual rights open up about their sexual preferences and use sex toys whenever they want.


 There are so many types of female vibrator available in the online sex toy store of Cupidbaba, which can make your night super adventurous. Finding your happiness does not make you selfish putting yourself and your happiness first is part of self-love. And having an orgasm makes everyone happy, everyone wants a good orgasm. Vibrators from Cupidbaba can only add spark to your sex life, whether it is solo or with a partner. Most people feel they have a perfect relationship with their partner, so why mess up things by adding all this stuff, always remember when you can have more. Why settle for less? And with all these best quality toys, you can fulfill all your fantasies.

In the beginning, you may feel shy, but when you start feeling their tips stimulating your clitoris, you will find the pleasure you have been missing. Vibrators are so easy to use, you only have to switch on the button and set your mode and you are all set to feel the pleasure between your legs.  Owing vibrators may give you a message of sometimes finding your happiness is also good. You can and at any age explore your hidden fantasies and use our products to achieve that blissful feeling that too at your comfort & safety.

Types of Vibrators for Women

The world of vibrators offers a diverse array of options, each tailored to provide unique sensations and experiences. Here are some common types of vibrators for women:

Clitoral Vibrators:

Clitoral vibrators are designed for external stimulation of the clitoris, one of the most sensitive erogenous zones. They come in various forms, including compact bullet vibrators, palm-sized devices, and wand vibrators. Many clitoral vibrators offer multiple vibration patterns and intensities for customizable pleasure.

G-Spot Vibrators:

G-spot vibrators are crafted to target the G-spot, a highly sensitive area inside the vagina. They typically feature a curved or bulbous shape to reach and stimulate this erogenous zone. G-spot vibrators often offer various vibration settings and may incorporate clitoral stimulators for dual pleasure.

Rabbit Vibrators:

Rabbit vibrators provide simultaneous stimulation to the clitoris and G-spot. They have a shaft for internal stimulation and a separate attachment, often resembling rabbit ears, for external pleasure. Rabbit vibrators are renowned for their ability to deliver blended orgasms.

Bullet Vibrators:

Bullet vibrators are compact and discreet, making them ideal for precise clitoral stimulation. They are portable and can easily be incorporated into a solo or partnered play. Despite their small size, bullet vibrators are known for delivering powerful vibrations.

Wand Massagers:

Wand massagers are celebrated for their strong, rumbly vibrations. They are typically used for external stimulation of the clitoris but can also be employed for body massages. Wand massagers come in both corded and cordless versions.

Suction Stimulators:

Suction stimulators, such as the Womanizer and LELO Sona, employ innovative air pulsation technology to create a suction-like sensation around the clitoris without direct contact. These devices offer unique and intensely pleasurable experiences.

Remote-Controlled Vibrators:

Remote-controlled vibrators can be operated using a remote control or smartphone app. They allow for hands-free and long-distance play, making them ideal for partnered escapades. Some remote-controlled vibrators are discreet enough to be worn during everyday activities for added excitement.

Kegel Exercisers:

Kegel exercisers, such as the LELO Luna Beads or Elvie Trainer, are designed for both pleasure and pelvic floor strengthening. They often include built-in vibrators to enhance the sensation during Kegel exercises. These devices can improve sexual sensitivity and bladder control.

Anal Vibrators:

Anal vibrators are tailored for anal pleasure and are available in various shapes and sizes. They feature flared bases to ensure safety during use and are suitable for women interested in exploring anal stimulation.

Strap-On Vibrators:

Strap-on vibrators can be worn during intimate moments for hands-free stimulation. They are versatile and can enhance intimacy in both same-sex and heterosexual couples. Some strap-on vibrators also provide clitoral stimulation for the wearer.

Benefits of Using Vibrators for Women

  1. The use of vibrators for women offers numerous benefits that extend well beyond sexual pleasure:
  2. Enhanced Sexual Pleasure: Vibrators are designed to provide precise and powerful stimulation, leading to more intense and satisfying orgasms.
  3. Exploration and Self-Discovery: Vibrators empower women to explore their bodies, understand their desires, and discover what brings them pleasure.
  4. Improved Sexual Health: Regular vibrator use can promote sexual health by increasing blood flow, enhancing lubrication, and strengthening pelvic floor muscles.
  5. Stress Relief: The release of endorphins during sexual activity, including vibrator use, can reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance overall well-being.
  6. Enhanced Intimacy: Vibrators can be incorporated into partner play, enhancing communication and intimacy between couples.
  7. Body Confidence: Experiencing pleasure and orgasms can boost body confidence and self-esteem.
  8. Relief from Sexual Dysfunction: Some women with sexual difficulties, such as anorgasmia or low libido

How To Use a Vibrator?

Vibrators are a pretty amazing tool to play with. You can use vibrators for foreplay, masturbation, couple fantasies,  long-distance couples or even pregnant women can also use vibrators. A few things to keep in mind are always helpful. As you already know vibrators come in various shapes and sizes with different vibrating sensations, so it will be helpful to study a vibrator according to your preference. Even if you read the instructions from the box, they can be very helpful too. If you are a virgin or a first-timer, we suggest you start slowly. Run the vibrator all over your body, and get to know about all the sensations you will feel while getting aroused. Then after some time, when you will get to know your body and what you like, slowly take the process to another level.

  1. Clean the vibrator with antibacterial soap or toy cleaner and dry it properly.
  2. Lube the vibrator nicely.
  3. First, start with the foreplay, rub the vibrator all over the body, nipples neck, and other erogenous parts.
  4. After that run, the vibrator to your clit, gets aroused, and then slowly pushes inside your vagina and penetrates. If you penetrate deeply you can also hit your G-spot.
  5. When you had your orgasm, again wash your vagina and vibrator, dry it nicely, and store it in a box.
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