Double Head Male Masturbator

Double Head Male Masturbator

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This is the Fox Double Channel Pocket Pussy that features two beautiful and tight opening holes: a girl’s anal and vagina.

Pleasurable woman pussy

Tight anal opening

Realistic girl vagina and ass

Double channel design

Great male sex toy

Order your exclusive Fox Double Channel Pocket Pussy and Anal today!


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Get some new levels of sexual pleasure with this real-life vagina and anal male sex toy. This men’s masturbator features a double channel opening for double the pleasure.


Brand Name: Fox Masturbators Vagina and Anal

Size: 20cm x 7cm

Unit: 1 piece

Product Description:

This anal and pussy masturbation cup is your very own sex machine to help you relieve your desire for sex. If you think you’re tired of using the ‘traditional method’ of masturbating with your hands, this pocket vagina can help you do the job.

For a male masturbator cup like this one, it can help you get that real feel of a girl’s vagina. Sometimes hands may feel very tired and not exciting anymore. An artificial pussy would make your dick feel that closer-than-life sexual penetration into a hot tight girl. The light texture provides that realistic sensation.

To further help you achieve the best pleasurable experience, Fox Double Channel pocket pussy and vagina features the double diamond shape. This British Fox made Fox masturbator cup’s double-opening dual-channel provides different sex play in your different mood. More so, it has the channel clip suction that is relatively sturdy and easy to clean. Just placed under a running water from the faucet, air to dry and it’s ready for the next session.

Get to feel more intense pleasure, as if you’re rubbing the clitoris of a woman. Start rubbing and feel that carefully placed clitoris. The feeling is similar to that tickling sensation of rubbing several honey beans in your palms, but this time you get that exploding orgasm in your dick.

Order your own Fox Double Channel Pocket Pussy and Anal male sex toy today!

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