Angela White Model Mastarbator for Male

Angela White Model Mastarbator for Male

Model: ME00221

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Rs. 7589 Rs. 6200

Sleeve length: approx. 9.0"
Inner texture length: approx. 7.75"
Case length: 10" 


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Angela White, Feel Every One Of The Intimate folds and curves of Angela White. Angela celebrates the diversity of the sexual experience and loves to explore your sexuality with men and women alike. We have not been able to combine the best parts of Angela White in one Fleshlight, so we are offering them to you all the three. If you want to know what is having sex with a Lotus Girl Fantasy, nothing will take you closer to that.

How to Use sex toy : Pocket Pussy

• You should apply water-based lube to the top half of your penis. Also, push in a little lubricant at the pocket pussy's entry.

• Placing the head of your penis into the pocket pussy masturbator slowly is the first step.

• As the textured vacuum is inserted into your penis, you will experience tight sensations.

• Here comes the fun part, once your penis is comfortably in the masturbator. Start by stroking your penis up and down with your hand while you hold the pocket pussy.

• It shouldn't be stroked too vigorously. A slipping masturbator could result.

Shipping : 100 % Discrete Shipping. We deliver all our products without any branding. So that no one besides you will know what it contains. 

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Nilisha on Apr 26, 2022

This is great for boys and men who are single.

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